The next Energy is Money is Energy Course Begins 03Dec16

emeimageMy popular Energy is Money is Energy course is back!

I’ve taught this a number of times to help people get to the root of their money and debt issues.

It’s an empowering trip through your astrology chart to see where blocks to love are in your life and consciousness, as all issues related to love manifest in our lives as money issues.

Registration is open until Saturday, December 3, when you will receive the first set of channeled affirmations and begin a week of working with them.

We will then talk for the first of two class calls on Saturday, December 10 (the other is a week later – both calls are 10am-12pm Pacific time). You’ll share your experiences working with the affirmations and I’ll use your birth chart to help you see where the blocks are and how to remove them.

This is one of my favorite things to teach because it reveals hidden truths that we need to resolve and is entirely empowering.

Required to take the course is the 109-minute introduction mp3. After you hear that, you can opt into the course beginning December 3.

Read more and get the mp3 and register for the full course here.