Nov. 15-30, 2016 Only: $25 Off Lilith MP3 Readings

lilithmp3Through the end of November 2016, you can get a 60-minute mp3 reading covering Lilith in your chart for $25 off. Click here to book yours on my Consultations page.

Periodically people ask specifically for Lilith readings, and information about healing and integrating the natural feminine and instinctive wild is so critical to human evolution now.

I specialize in the true Black Moon Lilith (a.k.a. osculating apogee) and the asteroid Lilith (1181). Most use the mean position of the former, and I liken that to asking a blow-up doll what a woman is like: It’s easier to deal with, it’ll never argue with you, you can act on it without regard to its feelings, sure, but you’ll never, ever get any meaningful connection out of the interaction.

In your mp3 I’ll cover in-depth your natal house and sign as well as the aspects in your chart of each of these two Liliths. I’ll also provide you with a wealth of strategies to turn around your experience of Lilith, who is mostly demonized, shamed, and punished.

There’s nothing wrong with you because you contain the archetype of Lilith! My approach based in channeled wisdom and years of research with many clients, and I’m always happy to provide people with a life-affirming take on Lilith.

My book Lilith: Healing the Wild is the only out there that treats this important archetype in a positive way and with respect (I hear from many readers). I don’t begin or end with the traditional fear-mongering that Lilith is a demon/the mother of all demons/should be feared – it’s not my style to add fuel to the damaging fires of patriarchal mass manipulation by myth.

Book yours here, and allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.