2 More Days to Get the Lilith MP3 Reading Deal

lilithmp3In these 60-minute prerecorded mp3 readings, I cover the true Black Moon Lilith and the asteroid Lilith (1181) in your chart.

The former represents the natural wild, which is the wisdom of the natural world that exists in our root or 1st chakras. We’re connected to nature and its cycles, yet most of us have been conditioned out of listening to our bodies enough that we can hear the truth. (Most of my book Lilith: Healing the Wild is based on the true BML.)

The asteroid Lilith is about activism and advocacy on behalf of marginalized or underserved populations. It’s about an awareness of Lilith themes that’s broader, more culturally and socially based, than the visceral, raw, primal instinct of the true Black Moon.

Working with these two energies in your chart, you can learn to get more deeply into and trust your body and its instinctive messages. You can also get clear on what in the status quo bothers you and how to work to change it, overcoming powerlessness or nihilism stemming from conditioning that “you can’t fight City Hall.”

The $25 off deal ends at the end of November 30, 2016. Order yours for $120 by then and I’ll have your mp3 reading to you within about a week.

After that, you can request a prerecorded mp3 reading at the normal rate of $145, or a live consultation at $175.