The Call of Pisces: Flow with Life

This morning was a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces, bringing your attention to the need to flow with your life. Or, maybe more accurately, to flow with life in general.

I posted a channeled meditation to help you with the energies, one longer than usual – 54 instead of the standard 30 minutes. It’s longer because when I tapped into the energy/consciousness of Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) in preparation, it was clear that more depth than usual was needed for this lunation.

The pull to let go of a perceived need to control is loud now. Pisces calls all to do what appears to be giving up control, but there’s more to it if we’re going to be successful.

We have to learn to catch ourselves believing that we need to exert control. Outcomes, details, processes, other people’s behaviors – really, anything can fit here.

We might tend to believe that “being in control” means being in charge of our lives, getting done what we need to get done and when it needs doing. We also might live with a constantly nudging suspicion that we don’t have enough control over something in our lives, or berate ourselves when things happen outside our regularly scheduled plans.

But when Pisces comes calling, as it is now just after the Pisces new moon solar eclipse and as the Sun heads toward its annual conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, we’re to learn to work within in a different paradigm.

As it happens, everything about how life on Earth works is about energy. But your mind doesn’t want to hear that, as it believes that you need to be safe. That logical part of you will do whatever it takes to maintain the image that you either have control over your life or should.

In Pisces, we’re to learn surrender. But that’s not the same thing – as your brain would have you believe – as giving up, throwing your arms up in the air, and giving in to chaos and laziness.

The surrender in Pisces invites us to situate ourselves in a place larger than the confines of the ego, which is what the brain is all about.

If you work with the flow of life around you, Pisces says, you feel part of it. You get that you’re welcome and you can participate in the grander scheme of things that surrounds you. Pisces also says that if you fight that experience of meaningful connectedness because of (your brain’s) fears of losing control, you’ll stress yourself out to an absurd degree and feed cycles of brain-based fear.

You’re welcome to live like that, but it takes so much less energy to work with the universe around you!

When I channeled the meditation the other day, I held 3 sea jasper programmed stones (a larger sphere in my left hand and two massage wands in my right). I’ve put energy into them that boosts their natural tendency to help you release and let go. Often I use them to sleep, as the doubts, worries, and nagging of my mind are quieted when I hold them. I’ll hold a massage wand in each hand, or I’ll curl up around a programmed sphere.

The programmed sea jasper matched the frequency Djehuty let me know he would offer for that channeling, a slow descent into a more relaxed meditation based on Piscean/Neptunian themes.

I also use programmed pink opal to let go, but for different reasons and in a different way. These charged pink opal stones will draw to the surface unresolved emotional stuff from your past. When you process it and cry it out (or yell and then cry it out), you move the energy and are no longer stuck in holding patterns. Far from losing control of emotion, you can use a pink opal to be willing to feel what’s blocked so you can be free of it.

Most pieces of programmed pink opal on my site are half off for a limited time, too.

Until we learn to clear and heal, we may tend to carry energetic/emotional debris from others in addition to old self-images and shame, guilt, regret that’s all ours. And many of us might not know how to effectively grieve, or forgive, or accept something that’s true about ourselves and the ways that our lives have unfolded. A healthy heart center/4th chakra is based upon accepting, forgiving, and grieving – letting go of past hurts and the meaning that we’ve attached to them that end up keeping out hearts closed.

It’s not in the natural order of things for you to hold onto stress, tension, and pain, but you’ll do it if you don’t know how to deal with certain intense or overwhelming feelings. These pink opal pieces will help you open your heart to release the old stuff so you can move ahead with an intentionally open heart.

Your true nature is to flow with life, to give and receive energy and love. When you’re not – and the solar month of Pisces shows you each year even without an eclipse – it’s up to you to navigate figuring out how to come back to that sense of connectedness.

“You are already the Divine,” Djehuty reminds people through me – you don’t have to do anything to find a connection to divine love, Goddess/God, or Source. But you do need to learn to clear out your field and be willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you in order to tap into your divine nature.

And when you’re in that space of connection, you can learn to let your brain/mind relax so that it can serve your whole self, giving up the perceived need to control things or yourself.

That’s a great place to be, and without exception one with much less stress, tension, fear, anxiety, and worry.