Understanding Your Soul’s Relationship Intentions

The major events of your life have everything to do with what your soul has you on Earth to learn.

It comes here to find out life is like if it believes (if you believe) that it is (you are) separate from the rest of souls, or divine consciousness. If it didn’t come here as you, it wouldn’t be able to develop self-understanding.

It watches you feel things, make choices, believe things, and deal with the results of your feelings, choices, and beliefs. It tracks how you develop a sense of meaning and purpose about your life, but also life in general.

When it comes to relationships, it intends you to learn about yourself from others so that it can learn about itself in the process. No human can learn about the self without others.

Your soul needs you to bounce off others who show you wonderful and joyous things about you, and others who show you frightening and discomfiting things about you.

For its divine mission here (yes, I get all new-age-ily poetical at times), it requires that you have a string of relationships in which:

  • your needs aren’t considered
  • your needs aren’t met
  • your opinions and ideas aren’t welcome
  • others don’t/won’t/can’t make you feel safe
  • and so many other things that make relationships unfun that I cannot possibly list even half of them …

But all of these relationships show you to you. They reveal to you what in/about you that you need to own and embrace or own and shed.

A lot of my work over the years has centered on teaching people to understand how their souls’ intentions for relationship have manifested as their relationships. When you can see why you draw certain kinds of others into your life and own your soul’s intentions, you can own what you’ve been learning and change all relationship patterns. The goal is to empower you by teaching you what your soul has in mind for your relationships so you can cease feeling confused, blocked, or victimized, depending on how your relationship history has unfolded.