October 2017: Family and the Conspiracy of Love Healing Intensive

I’m happy to announce another opportunity to go deeply into family issues and heal and release them!

Family and the Conspiracy of Love is a 4-day healing intensive for a small group to learn about the nature of soul as well as their own souls’ contracts with family members.

Using your astrology chart and information from your guides and my guidance team (including Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron), I’ll teach you to see your life as your soul sees it. In other words, I’ll explain to you why your soul chose the family it did for you – what’s the purpose, what you’re supposed to learn, how you can make peace with the logic and intentions of your soul.

I’ll also lead you through meditations for clearing and release, and I’ll bring through my unseen friends to do energy work to support this. Finally, I’ll give you techniques to take with you to continue the work we do including meditation notes and affirmations.

When you understand the nature of what your soul enlisted other souls to show you while incarnating as family, you can begin to release long-standing tension and other difficult emotions. Your experience of what happened around and to you when you were young (and might still be happening) shifts because you now have a higher-level orientation to it.

This is profoundly powerful work! I’m not kidding when I say that most people have to wait until they die to get this level of soul-related information. The orientation process departed souls undertake as they transition “into the light” involves learning about these most important relationships of family.

Imagine what your life can be like when you’re empowered with the wisdom of what your soul set out for you in this life! Now maybe you’re getting why this work is important and why I love teaching it so much. While your feelings about the past may still bounce around, you’ll be able to return to choosing peace in the face of them, knowing the divine purpose they’re in your life in the first place.

Here’s what 3 people who attended the last one, in August 2016, had to say about their experience:

First, it was absolutely worth the money, worth the time and the effort it took to get there. The opportunity you’re offering for healing and resolution is so unique and huge. It is vitally important for those wanting clarity and stability in their lives and a new perspective on what it means to be here and to be human. The small group of people made for an intimate and safe space to relax into the issues that came up. It was also very therapeutic to be there listening to the others in the group. We’re all so different and yet so similar. It was an amazing experience for me.
Lynn, Pennsylvania

An amazing course covering why we are on Earth, why we experience what we do, and providing assistance and tools to deal with trauma. Tom is a very compassionate man and gave meaningful and useful insights from his own stuff which really assisted with relating to my own experiences. Also, the group format really worked well as much of other people’s trauma experiences also related to me. I cried and released more on this intensive than I have ever done before.
Peter, London

I didn’t know what to expect from the Conspiracy of Love workshop, but I am SO glad I went. Tom Jacobs is an authentic, genuine, extremely knowledgeable teacher, and the kind of material he is presenting here is absolutely original work you won’t find anywhere else. For me, it provided the next essential step in my growth. I noticed that when I got home, I had a much stronger sense of my own value across the board. In my freelance work, I felt much more ease in negotiating a difficult contract, and because I was clear on my worth, I got the concessions I sought. There’s no better proof than that that something shifted for me as a result of working with Tom.
Deborah, New Jersey

October 12-15, 2017, 9am-5pm each day
Tuscon, AZ
Open to 8 people
$750/$675 for subscribers to my monthly service. A deposit of half secures your spot.
Read the full details and register here.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions:
Q: What do I do about housing? A: In a couple of months I’ll have some options at the intensive venue. I’ll rent a house and let those who signed up first know of the options, then go down the list. You can choose to stay in the area, too – once I know in what area of Tucson the house is, I’ll let you know so you can plan if you choose to stay off-site.
Q: You always talk about Tucson as if it’s a one-horse town populated by tumbleweeds and lizards. How far is the nearest major airport? A: Tucson does have an international airport – many airlines fly here. This fact does not make less true the tumbleweed and lizard populations I often describe.
Q: What about transportation from and to the airport? A: I’ll be available the day before the intensive (Wednesday, 11Oct) and the day after (Monday, 16Oct) for airport trips. I’m happy to do this for you at no extra charge.
Q: How far from the house to restaurants and grocery stores? A: I’ll let you know when I have chosen the house.

Be in touch with other questions.