Lilith in the News: AHCA/Men Making Decisions Re Women’s Health; The Handmaid’s Tale

While the U.S. Senate and the rest of us are distracted by the absurd scandals Trump and his administration seem unable to avoid generating and fanning, the AHCA issue is still in process.

The list of what would be considered pre-existing conditions if the House version of the bill became law elicited so many negative reactions. The outcry from thinking people with hearts was loud, and likely may become loud again.

How is it that a group of old white men can be allowed to decide the fate of women’s bodies and healthcare?

Welcome to the patriarchy. We’ve been living through its lens for thousands of years. And even as individuals pull away from its logic and strictures, its pull is still strong in certain circles.

I think of patriarchy as a philosophical system born with the first monotheistic religions. It seeks to ensure that a man knows with certainty just who his children are so that he can pass his stuff to them when he dies. It’s about a way to transfer power from one generation to the next, and a great deal of effort regarding diminishing the feminine is pursued to give a man this certainty.

Women’s sexuality in this system must be belittled so that they don’t explore seeking pleasure, because the philosophical system cannot survive if, again, a man does not know who his children are. In this way of thinking, women cannot know,  trust, and embrace the natural functioning of their bodies … because then they might take control of their sexuality.

Women in this system become essentially cattle, passed between men so they can control as much as possible the means and methods of procreation so they can ensure that the kid they’re giving their stuff to is really theirs.

The explosion of interest in the recent series “The Handmaid’s Tale” evidences that the collective is in dire need of healing this 6.000-year history. The records of multiple lifetimes of patriarchal control are in our energetic fields and consciousnesses, and they show up in our bodies. This series is affecting many viscerally, and we want more of it – we want to see a dramatization of the human toll of the kind of control of the feminine and women’s bodies and lives that we unconsciously remember so strongly.

We need to see this played out in media because parts of us who can’t speak – unconscious threads of consciousness and personality that might be hidden or buried – need to be heard and validated. And those parts of self (including other-life selves) desperately need healing.

All of this can be healed. We can take control of how we care for ourselves and unplug from patriarchal self-definition (what a woman is and what one should be like). And we can unplug from patriarchal forms of healthcare. And, therefore, patriarchal forms of health insurance. It’s a big topic, and we’re ready to get into it more deeply and with a new sense of strength.

Lilith bookMy full take on the patriarchy and how to come out of it definitively one individual at a time is explored in my book Lilith: Healing the Wild. Channeled perspectives from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) on this collective story comprise Goddess Past, Present, and Future. I see them as companion volumes.

You can also get your own Black Moon Lilith Natal Report, covering your own natal placement of the true BML including house, sign, and aspects. It also covers 5 years of important transits and progressions to your BML, helping you see how this story is unfolding in your life.

I’m planning a series of posts on Lilith in the news, as a wide variety of Lilith-related issues are getting louder and louder in the public space. I hope to help people learn to come out of anger inspired by disempowerment and see how to own the power of choice to create self-respecting, self-caring outcomes. Stay tuned.