Think fidget spinners will help?

Essentially, fidget spinners are a(nother) tool to distract you. But science doesn’t support their use to help what people hope they do – read more here. Channeled wisdom doesn’t, either, which is why I’m writing this post.

It seems like by using one you can focus – and seems to offer support for all kinds of things related to a lack of focus like ADHD, trauma/PTSD, and other things – but that’s only because the part of you that can’t focus in general is momentarily mesmerized, caught up in the looking at something shiny/moving.

The only way to help what some seem to hope fidget spinners will help is by changing how you experience energy and consciousness. I recommend everyone get grounded in order to stabilize their energy fields and consciousness, but that’s only the beginning. Start with the free 13-minute meditation mp3 linked from my home page.

Clearing out old energies is important. As is releasing the energies of other people that we might carry. For that, you can see the variety of channeled audio I offer.

What you put your attention on determines how your life unf9lds. But since almost none of us are taught that we’re energetic beings, we can be distracted by the energies and emotions we carry and experience.

So, whatever you can do to work toward being able to choose on what you put your attention is critical. Grounding and clearing are the first level. They help you orient toward being okay being in your body and feeling what’s going on there. Done consistently over time (weeks and months are the minimum to see real results, but years are where the real benefits lie), grounding and clearing

The second level is learning to monitor your energy and emotions, gaining awareness of what you feel when and why. Once comfortable being grounded, which is in your body and connected to the Earth on a regular basis, you can get used to observing through feeling through both physical sensation and emotion what’s going on inside you.

When you’re in a good groove on this level, you can begin to learn to make choices about what energies and emotions you align with and feed.

For some, this may sound overly abstract or vague. But it’s a process of self-awareness we’re not taught when young, and not many of us encounter such things after we grow up and get out on our own. The prevailing images of what a human is on Earth now include as bodies with minds, minds, with bodies, and one of those two with or without some heart/emotions added in.

But a human is an energetic being, and we’re ready to learn this and all it implies.

I produce energetically programmed crystals to help you ground, clear, and become more conscious of your energies and emotions so you can make the right choices about what to align with and feed.

The crystal or stone is infused with energy by me, which I call programming. In some kinds, the stone’s regular effects are boosted. In others, the effects are added to or pretty drastically changed for the better.

Currently I offer over a dozen different kinds. For those interested in the beginning parts of this process – grounding and clearing – here’s a brief overview with links to the individual crystal pages.

Tiger iron is always where to start when you need to get grounded. It will draw to your lower 3 chakras energy and attention so you can work with and resolve anything about family, relationships, and self-esteem that keeps you stuck, anxious, nervous, judging, and more.

The lower 3 chakras simply must be open and flowing if we are to advance spiritually. This is because if we overlook the fears and doubts that can be stored there from a lifetime of experience, we’re sidestepping getting our foundations in order.

Red jasper is for the 2nd chakra specifically, and is for developing and maintaining boundaries. Using this, you’ll know when others’ stuff isn’t yours, and it will free you up to have more confidence to say “yes” when you mean it and “no” when you mean it.

We often define ourselves through our relationships, which means that we take others’ reactions to and treatment of us as meaningful about who we are. This gets us into trouble, as you can guess, because we need to take responsibility for ourselves in relationship and not just respond to others’ needs only and think we are who they seem to think we are.

Pink opal is highly useful for bringing to the surface any emotions that need to be processed and released. It will inspire the surfacing of old – hold onto your seat – feelings.

The truth about grounding and clearing – becoming healthy energetically – is that we have to recognize that humans carry emotions and get stuck on certain energetic frequencies. If you’re stuck on grief because of a loss long ago you didn’t quite know how to mourn and move on from, it will affect you now. Pink opal will bring to the surface what’s buried about that old loss so you can work through it now and no longer be stuck or clogged because of it.

See all the energetically programmed crystals I offer from the link on my home page.

And if you’d like to get the full story on how I teach chakras and how to clean up your life consciously, get The Chakra Course. Part 1 (on chakras 1-3) is me codifying what Ascended Master Djehuty has taught me about those parts of the energy field. Part 2 (on chakras 4-7) is entirely channeled, so the teachings are straight from Djehuty’s mouth.

The full course is powerful, and I highly recommend as a manual for learning about yourself as an energetic being.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel with an active global practice. A Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program (member since 2004), Tom offers consultations, ongoing coaching, tutoring, and a new series of Evolutionary Astrology classes to teach you to do astrology in the ways taught to him by an ascended master. 16 books, 2 natal reports, energetically programmed crystals, and dozens of astrology and channeled/healing mp3s are available from Tom via