Lilith in the News: Proposed Loss of Coverage of Birth Control

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With the current US administration, it never stops. And if you’re someone who thinks Trump should be impeached, you do NOT want Pence to be president. Trump is trying to figure out who he’s going to be if he grows up, stumbling through everything as if drenched in a thickened veil of moron juice. Pence, on the other hand, is already firmly entrenched in patriarchal sentiment and mores. Remember how he won’t be a room alone with a woman not his wife?

The impassioned work to block contraception in all its forms is based in the fundamental patriarchal mandate that a man should know who his children are so that property can be handed down intentionally and consistently through clear lines. And that requires that female sexuality be vilified. (See Lilith: Healing the Wild and Goddess Past, Present, and Future together for the full story on this history.)

The thinking goes that if a woman has a positive relationship with her body outside the marriage bed, all kindsa things are going to go wrong. Consider the still highly pressure/valued price of a young woman’s sexuality: If she uses it outside the intentions and expectations of men in her life, she’s likely to be labeled a slut.

I know what you’re thinking. “Jacobs, we’re living in 2017. That’s not what we’re doing any more – wake up. We’re so modern and smart and evolved.” But we’re coming from 6,000 years of conditioning about all this stuff, and the stereotypes about women and sexuality have run deep. There are many parts of the world in which all this stuff is still in play. Consider female genital mutilation, many young women not being taught about their bodies and never taught to participate as equals, sexual trafficking and slavery, and so many other things.

Trump’s ignorant, medieval ideas are what got him elected by (merely a plurality of) Americans. Many people here are still coming out of the dark ages, still believing in what the masculine/patriarchal mind has told them about who gods are and what they want – still invested in tribal fears about the other and the need to stick together and exclude others if they’re different.

All that said, birth control pills are actually anti-Lilith. They alter the body’s chemistry, messing with how it naturally works. (Healthy Lilith is defined by listening to and honoring the body and all it does.) They seem to represent the promise of sexual freedom, but in fact are an attempt to turn Lilith into Eve, which never really works. (See the first post in this series for an explanation of who Eve is in my thinking.)

As many women who’ve taken the pill for a while/years and stopped know, sometimes things in their biochemical selves don’t fully return to normal easily, quickly, or at all, and sometimes there are unwanted consequences due to having taken them in the first place.

Sexual freedom, on the other hand, is very Lilith but, frankly, so is accidental pregnancy. No one in modern society who is not medievally evangelical or orthodox wants to think this because we have this idea that equality means that women should be able to do all the things that men do … but this is understood and filtered through the experience of men. In this specific example, we seem to want to need to believe that a woman should have the right to have sex without the consequence of impregnation as does a man. But women are not men. Women’s bodies and biochemical factories are different. Obvious, yes, but we need to shift how we view what equality is.

I offer that equality needs to be viewed in terms of each body type/kind of chemistry set getting to know and honoring itself, and then people learning to work and play together given and even with differences.

In many, many ways, the wisdom of the body operates outside the confines of its linear, logical, human mind. Illness and injury can arise when someone needs to slow down and begin to pay new levels of attention to the body. And what about soul? What if there’s an agreement behind the scenes between three souls that two of them will have a kid together, even if their personalities don’t mean to? It happens all the time! The minds involved cannot override divine will.

But back to Lilith: When a woman is in touch with her body, when she listens and responds to its changing needs and expressions, she can live in tune with it and edge away from the patriarchal controls and attempts to make her into a plasticized notion of femininity like Eve. Lilith’s body and its functions are part of who she is – she’s never detached from an awareness of how something she encounters feels physically and energetically.

It seems to me that in an attempt to embrace a sexual freedom on par with that of men, women have through birth control pills stepped in the direction of more control, somehow accepting more Eve in their lives and less Lilith. The shift was from fear of nature taking its course to suppressing nature and messing with the natural processes of the body.

When you live with Lilith in conscious ways, you’re guided to what works best for you and you cease giving credence to social expectations of who you are and who you should not be. In Lilith’s modes, you inevitably find yourself navigating through and around modern society and its messages aimed to turn all women into Eve so that they can be controlled counted on to be there for men.

And you learn to find out what’s right for you, and you do that, ignoring the mass trends that having nothing to do with your particular body, your particular chemistry, and your particular needs and choices.

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