Learn Evolutionary Astrology: Soul’s Journey Soundbite Video LE077

Evolutionary Astrologer Tom Jacobs describes his 20-minute Soul’s Journey Soundbites mp3 readings and then provides an example.

Soundbites are 4-step readings beginning with Pluto, the marker of what the soul sets out for the human to learn in order to become strong, confident – empowered.

The 2nd step is the South Node of the Moon (SN), which indicates the conditioning environments (including family) chosen by the soul in many lives to give the human a starting place. All tiny humans need to be taught and modeled ways of living, after all!

The 3rd step of the story is the SN ruler by sign, which tells me about the chart holder’s role in many lives. Special skills and talents he or she shows up with. It’s a deep layer of karmic identity.

The 4th and last step is the North Node, which describes what the person needs to learn in order to round out the soul’s education during this life. It’s the opposite of the family and other conditioning environments the chart holder has experienced in many lives.

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Note: This Soundbite and the accompanying chart have been anonymized.