Capricorn Full Moon Ritual: Programming Black Agate for Emotional Stability

Last night I did a ritual for the Capricorn Full Moon taking place tonight at 9:20pm Pacific time.

I recorded Ascended Master Djehuty while I did so, and he talked about the importance of learning to face and deal effectively with emotions.

Pluto is conjunct the lunation, while Mars is with Sun in Cancer. All of this means more reactivity, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and possibly ungroundedness.

I put the energy of St. Germain, the keeper of the violet flame of forgiveness and a face of Djehuty, the ascended master I channel, into about 4 pounds of tumbled black agate stones.

Black stones are typically said to be for protection and grounding, and Djehuty asked me if I would put this sweet, soft, softening energy of St. Germain in a set.

The result is that they’re soothing and calming while being grounding. The energy of the full moon has many caught off guard, as the intensity of what’s coming up from under the surface (your unconscious) is not the norm for your day-to-day life.

Check out the channeled full moon meditation here, and I’m also making these black agate stones available. You can’t get them from my site as the limited number I have means I’m not making a new web page. The PayPal links below are how you can order them.

First, I have 7 bags (like the one pictured above) with the soothing black agate. They’re $15 including $7 US shipping, so almost a giveaway. I want you to get this energy into your hands! These are small stones, and you’re getting about 5 ounces, enough to hold some in each hand at the same time, which I recommend.

Order a bag here. If you click on the link and it doesn’t work, then all 7 are sold.

Second, I have 3 bags of the same stone but with a deeper grounding energy in them. They’re more stabilizing and grounding. I’d programmed them a couple of years ago as a test for a project, and adding in the soothing energy doesn’t remove the deeper, stabilizing energy already in them. These bags have 4 ounces in them, and there are still enough to have some in both hands.

This kind is sold out.

I’m not doing a separate subscriber price on these – just $15 including US shipping.

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