As many know, I’ve written or channeled and self-published 16 books related to metaphysics, mythology, and astrology.

But I’ve also written three creative books I rarely talk about.

Now my site is updated with these books. A third table has been added to my books page here.

It’s all about the spirit of the Leo new moon from last week. Mars was conjunct the lunation, indicating a need to take action, begin something new, and make some self-interested choices from instinct.

Over the years I’ve focused so much on developing the teachings in astrology and intuitive counseling that I offer that it’s become easy not to feed my creative self. And even when I do feed it, I don’t often share it with others outside my personal circle.

Here’s an overview of the three books:

Modern Love: Fast, Long, Hard, Deep is series of 111 satirical erotic vignettes told in the 1st person by a variety of narrators. It’s adult material (sexually explicit/graphic) and, seriously, unlike anything you’ve ever read. Most of this book was written in a coffee shop in Tucson in 2010, in the middle of my early astrology and spirituality books. I was working out some … stuff about the messages about sexuality we’re bombarded with constantly as well as my observations about the effects of the vast amount of pornography in our world.

This is by far my favorite of anything I’ve ever written, and routinely has me gasping in surprise and cackling as if I’ll never stop. And, after the Leo new moon, I’m ready to own that I wrote and love it.

In addition to the paperback and Kindle ebook, you can get the almost 4-hour mp3 audiobook read by a text-to-speech generator named Alice. Here’s vignette 32 from that audiobook with the adult words bleeped out:


Kyle: Theme and Variations comprises 241 variations on a theme taken from a moralizing email that made its way around everyone’s inbox when we beginning using email in the late 90s and early 2000s. I nabbed it and wrote a couple hundred variations for fun.

The mass email was about a kid who was going home from school carrying all of his books, the bullies who assaulted him, and the jock who helped him that day and became friends with Kyle. The original message is about being kind to others, and my satirical self created variations in many other directions.

The Book of John Corbett contains 89 absurd movie plots starring the titular actor and Salma Hayek. This was part of my effort during 2003’s NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, when you write 50,000 words (without editing or worrying), just to get an entire work out so you never regret not doing it. It’s a fantastic thing, and I’m so happy I did it.

I was working on a very different kind of narrative with an earnestness new to me and, halfway through, my narrator began telling these stories suddenly. It made me happy, so I ran with it and they became their own book.

Read more and order the books here.