Repost from the archive: Karmic Echoes: What do you fear?

I’m going through the archives from my weekly radio show The Soul’s Journey, which ran from October 2012 – August 2015, to repost shows that might help you deal with energy and emotion being triggered now that Jupiter’s entered Scorpio for 13 months.

Jupiter in Scorpio will palpate and exacerbate what feels wrong wherever it goes (get the full story in the new mp3 here). There’s an opportunity to alter and upgrade your relationship with painful and/or disempowering events in your life, but you have to be willing to feel it first. This means having your deepest pain, regret, rage, anger, shame, guilt, and more brought to the surface so you can learn to face and resolve the tension and move on.

Show description for The Soul’s Journey 023: Karmic Echoes: What Do You Fear?

We each begin life with the seeds of fears that painful and difficult situations from our souls’ other lives (we’ve been taught to call these past lives). As we carry them in our fields and draw life experiences to us that threaten to or do repeat those scenarios we in fact have the choice about how much power to give them. Tonight I’ll talk about and take your calls on your own karmic echoes from other lives and how to learn to deal with them effectively through compassionate awareness.

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