New Video: Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio for the Pluto in Scorpio Generation

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs describes what is happening for those born with Pluto in Scorpio as Jupiter transits that sign from October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018.

Dates for births with Pluto in Scorpio:
November 6, 1983 – May 19, 1984
August 28, 1984 – January 17, 1995
April 22, 1995 – November 10, 1995
Note: If you were born on one of these dates, you may have Pluto in Libra or Sagittarius. Be sure to look up your own chart to determine exactly where Pluto is in your birth chart. is a great place to make a chart for free.

To get Tom’s full picture on this transit and how to understand what Jupiter is bringing up in you, get the new Jupiter in Scorpio mp3:

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