Repost: The Soul’s Journey 106: Stop Killing Yourself

Another repost from my SoundCloud archive to support you in dealing with any intensity or past hurts or shame that might be up now that Jupiter has begun its transit of Scorpio for 13 months.

If you want my full take on what to expect with Jupiter’s transit through the sign of intensity, revealing secrets, and transforming in the face of pain, get the Jupiter in Scorpio mp3 here.

Listen to The Soul’s Journey 106: Stop Killing Yourself for free here.

Show description: Let’s face it, suicide’s annoying and it’s not a very 21st-Century way to go about things. In this show, I explain the upside of existentialism, little-known facts about a positive way to come out of despair, depressiveness, and meaningless that I’ve been using since a teenager. I explore the thinking of French-Algerian philosopher Albert Camus as a proponent of creating meaning, what most of us don’t realize is available to us and, in fact, the only option given what it feels like to encounter the absurd, which is also explained here. Camus acknowledges what other existentialists observe, namely that the world outside you cannot give you the meaning that you need to keep on keeping on. But he differs from the rest in that he then asks, “Okay, but what are you going to DO about it?”

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