Facing Plutonian Fears and Pain: Prep for February’s Pluto Intensive

When I first had the idea of doing a 4-day Pluto intensive, I kept getting chills, and also when mentioning it to others in any way. And I knew that I’d have my own unique process leading up to it. So I’m currently confronting some very deep pain and anger in preparation .. and it’s happening in February.

Before I do major events – including channeled live calls/meditations – I always get cues to my own issues, and I have to focus on them, open to them, feel them, and transform in the face of them. This happens so that I can handle whatever might come up over the frequencies related to the event.

In this case, it’s about my Pluto in Libra conjunct Venus, and the Aries Chiron-Eris opposing Venus from the 7th house. It’s a slow process, and it’s hard, but I know there’s a way through these feelings – it’s my job not only to teach others that all things can be healed, but to remind myself of this when Plutonian issues come up.

The Pluto Intensive in February will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before, as we’re not just going to talk about these deep, intense emotions and assorted pains and shames/guilts/regrets/angers.

I’ll be creating a space which is stronger, larger, and more durable than those pain-based energies and emotions. And in that space, what needs to unfold, resolve, and release will do so. Essentially, I aim preparing to bring unconditional love to what you perceive are your own inner monsters, and I will teach you to do the same.

We’ll explore my unique take on Pluto that comes in part from the ascended master I channel. We’ll also do some energy-clearing meditations as I bring in Djehuty (that ascended master) and Archangel Metatron, a potent, transformative combo. (If you want to a get a sense of their energies coming through me, check out the recent Clearing Shame channeled meditation free on my Facebook page.)

Whatever it is that you might fear, doubt, shame, or regret within you, in other words, I will show you how to find the strength to shift your relationship with those feelings permanently.

I’m excited about this, and I’m looking forward to welcoming the small group of 6 to Tucson to experience this first-hand.

4 spots are still open for the intensive. For more info and to register with a deposit, visit this page or click the pic above.