Relationship Boundaries Channeled Meditation & Programmed Red Jasper

This Friday, December 1, 2017, I’ll do a Facebook Live event to channel a meditation for you titled Relationship Boundaries.

It will be free to access live via my work page, Evolutionary Astrology and Channeling with Tom Jacobs. I’m also accepting donations if you would like to send some energy back to me in exchange.

The video will be available on that page indefinitely, and you can return to it as often as you like and share the link with others.

To establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all kinds of relationships, I recommend programmed red jasper. It will reveal to you what energies/emotions you carry from others and give you a boost of self-interested confidence to give them back or send them to the Earth.

That process won’t end a relationship, but will help clean things up so you can relate to each other with presence.

A programmed red jasper will also show you where you might try to put on others your own energies and emotions, and stir you to stop doing it.

Today I added new pieces to my site, including some pairs of smaller programmed stones so you can share them with a loved one or have two to work with on your own. Also in the new set is a set of beautiful spheres varying from 1.3 to 2 inches in diameter.

I also use red jasper for healing all manner of 2nd-chakra issues. These include opening up one’s sexuality, healing the effects and results of abuse (including sexual abuse of all kinds), increasing money flow through developing the confidence to say “yes” and “no” when appropriate, and others.

The core of all these aspects of the 2nd chakra is that when you say “no, thanks” when you mean it and need to say it, you broadcast self-respecting choice. The responses you don’t want begin to cease coming to you, and the effects of imbalance and pain – including trauma from abuse – can begin to leave as parts of you who hold and carry them no longer believe that you are what has happened to you.

All who get programmed crystals from me can write whenever with questions about use and effects.