New Programmed Crystals Posted This Week

I’ve programmed and posted a handful of kinds of crystals and stones this week, replenishing some current offerings.

Red Jasper

Use programmed red jasper to find and release energies and emotions of others that you might be carrying, whether from current or past relationships or just from general life in the world.

Great for opening and strengthening the 2nd chakra, red jasper will also help you see and overcome blocks to flowing that affect sexuality, money flow, creativity, and in general being open to engaging with others.

If you follow my work, you’ll have heard me say many times that we all need to learn to say “yes, please” when we mean it as well as “no, thank you” when we mean it. Programmed red jasper is central to developing this self-knowledge and self-trust.

Metatron Auralite 23

Auralite 23 will disconnect you from critical, judging, dissatisfied voices within you, and Metatron’s energy in these crystals provides a powerful boost to shake loose what keeps you from an empowered embodiment of your higher self.

Expect a major block, fear, or judgment to be shaken loose within your consciousness when you use one of these amazing crystals. Metatron refuses to compromise when it comes to developing and maintaining integrity, and these programmed crystals will give you a solid push into new territory re being your best self.

Metatron Tiger Iron Towers

I’ve posted two large (3- and 4-pound pieces) slabs, or towers, of tiger iron infused with the archangel’s intense, transformative energy. Each has one side polished and can be held or put on a table or work space near you to keep you connected to the frequency.

Use this programmed stone to fill your body with a constant pulse of block-clearing energy to help you become more whole. Larger pieces like these will affect you a great deal more than smaller pieces, as the stone’s mass relative to yours provides a more significant energy transfer. The effects will be deeper

Shiva Lingam with Metatron Energy

These river stones from India are cryptocrystalline quartz, a very dense form of quartz. It holds Metatron’s energy beautifully, allowing for your inner masculine and feminine to come into balance.

Some find these intense stones energizing while others find them calming. One factor that can affect this is being calmed if one has a history of abuse, particularly from childhood. They are also great for learning to act when necessary and pause when necessary – bring your inner passive and active into more balance.

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