Featured Programmed Crystals of Taurus 2018: Hematite and Larimar

My featured programmed crystals for Taurus 2018 are hematite and larimar. Throughout the month I’ll be sharing materials on what they do, how to use them in general, and how to use them to make the most of the invitations of the solar month of Taurus.

During Aries, we bring forward new inspiration. We act on impulses after getting into our bodies and seeing what fire is there to burn. In Taurus, we slow down and learn what essentials are necessary to ensure survival. Grounding, being in the body, and shedding old beliefs to align with higher truth will help us in this process.

See the new video below on these two crystals and how to use them to maximize the opportunity of Taurus, then see available programmed hematite and larimar pieces and order yours.