A New Astrology Learning Tool: The Soul’s Journey Soundbite Database

The Soul’s Journey Soundbite Database is revolutionary new learning tool allows you to search almost 500 evolutionary astrology mp3 readings for particular placements and patterns, and then listen to the mp3s and see the associated charts.

(If you’re not familiar with Soul’s Journey Soundbites, they are 20-minute prerecorded mp3 readings covering the major themes of your multilife journey using the configurations of Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, its ruler by sign, and the North Node. Clients I’ve never met and know nothing about frequently tell me after hearing their Soundbites that I know them better than anyone in their lives.)

Let’s say that you want to understand more about what it means to have Pluto in Libra, or Pluto in the 10th house. Or maybe you want to learn about how to interpret a planet conjunct or square the South Node of the Moon, or one conjunct the North Node. You can search for these terms in the database and listen to my evolutionary astrology delineations while viewing the chart.

Going a little deeper, let’s say you’re curious about how I would advise a client to deal with Pluto in the 4th house (the house associated with the Moon) when Moon is in hard aspect to the Pluto, the South Node, or the South Node ruler (indicating that Moon issues trip the person up in various ways in many lifetimes). You can listen to the Soundbites in which those configurations coexist.

In each Soundbite I describe the karmas – beliefs attached to deep emotions – the person is dealing with, as well as provide suggestions for changing karma by changing beliefs and behaviors.

This will be an invaluable learning tool for your evolutionary astrology studies!

As of today’s launch, there are 488 records. (About 30 do not have charts attached due to a data loss a few years ago.) The mp3 readings total over 160 hours.

Read more and register for a 5-day trial, monthly, or yearly here, and in touch with questions.