Chiron in Aries: Do you have the right to say “no”?

Previous posts in this series include an overview of Chiron in Aries and a look at the Chiron return in this sign. Also see my Chiron videos for natal Chiron in the houses, with natal signs on the way.

My unique take on Chiron is that it’s an energy antenna. It makes you sensitive to the waves of energy and emotion in the world (and in others) around you, and wounding and healing are responses to this sensitivity.

In the birth chart, it’s about how you pick up on the emotional content behind what people say, and what’s going on when they don’t say anything at all … and then if you feel wounded or inclined to be some sort of healer as a result.

I also work with Chiron natally as a wound of rejection from when you were very young. The full story on that is in the Chiron natal report, my Chiron book, and the Chiron audio course of which the book is an edited transcription.

Chiron in transit, on the other hand, offers us a chance to open to sensitivity and learn more about ourselves as energetic beings. It invites us to learn to acknowledge and navigate vulnerability and insecurity as it shows us how we are sensitive to how others see and react to us. This can result in rejection fantasies and isolating behaviors on one end of the spectrum, and deepening sensitivity and self-acceptance on the other.

Chiron’s recent ingress to Aries brings us the challenge of saying “yes” and “no” when we mean it. When asked, most of us will at first seem to believe that we do these things on a regular basis and in healthy ways. But humans also want to be liked and loved, and there are things for most of us we don’t want to have to say “no” to and might be afraid to say “yes” to, all based in our expectations of the responses we might get from others.

The vulnerability of Chiron through the lens of Aries is all about assertion, defense, acting on desire, and trusting gut-level wisdom. To be in fully in the body is important to work Chiron in Aries well, as that is the only way you can hear the subtle cues of your body.

Your physical form is the vehicle for your consciousness in each life, and your relationship with your body is paramount when it comes to health and happiness. If you are avoiding being in and listening to your body, you are moving away from your growth, pushing away your next evolutionary steps.

Chiron’s transit through Aries will sensitize you to the constrictions your body experiences when something in your world is unhealthy for you. Will you listen? Will you take seriously this input that your brain/linear, logical self doesn’t want to have to deal with? If you’re in your mind a lot (as many humans have become conditioned to be), your mind will try to keep you out of your body. It believes logic is the only useful tool, and it’s hoodwinked you into thinking that you are it/it is you. So of course you’re going to listen!

Core to this awareness is cultivating the certainty that you have the right to say “yes” and “no” when you mean it and when you need to. If you’re going to get into your body, you’re going to become aware that certain things in your life simply do not serve you.

You’ll feel an organ speaking to you, or a joint making noise. You’ll notice that before or when you talk to someone, or think about him or her, something in your body begins to feel unwell, sore, or painful. It’s up to you to learn to listen, but the basic fact here is that you must commit to listening to your body while knowing that you have the right to act on what it’s telling you.

Again, humans want to be liked. We need each other, we want each other. We love each other. We have emotional bonds, yes, but also we’re intertwined in many ways with others. Yet in the final analysis, it’s up to you to like yourself and then form relationships that feed you and others in healthy ways.

With Chiron in Aries, the prospect of saying “no” to someone who needs, wants, or expects something from you might be a bit more daunting than normal. Typically we don’t want conflict (beyond wanting to be liked), but we also don’t want to let others down.

But at what cost will do you do and be for others what they want and need? When do you notice when your body, emotions, and energy field speak up that something in your world is unhealthy and needs to change or go?

All Chiron work involves loving ourselves in the ways that others haven’t, can’t, don’t, or won’t. For our purposes here, if something doesn’t work for you, your job is to develop the self-respect to do something about it … even if someone else is disappointed.

The fire of Aries is in responding immediately to the visceral reactions we have, the gut-level, physical responses we have to the world around us. It’s important that we don’t get caught up in thinking about it but that we trust our bodies. Chiron in Aries is now bringing you an invitation to evolve your willingness to say “no” to others as you say “yes” to self-respect.

Always remember that others must also love themselves in the ways others haven’t. If you need to say “no” to someone else’s needs, desires, or expectations due to self-respect and health, then that other person needs to hear “no” as part of his or her journey to becoming the source of love for him- or herself.

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