Chiron Entered Aries Today

Chiron entered Aries shortly after 1 am Pacific time today, shifting the emphasis from Pisces, where it’s been for some years. Its elliptical orbit has it spend more time in Pisces and Aries than other signs.

In Pisces, we’ve been dealing with how to respond with compassion to the trends in the world and the collective. For most, though, it’s really been about how to deal with energy and emotion. Choosing compassion is a mature, evolved way to deal with the pain and suffering in others and the world around us.

But in Pisces, we’ve been at times overwhelmed by what’s floating in the collective surrounding us, and we’ve had to navigate life with a new level of awareness of how energetically and emotionally sensitive we are.

In Aries, it’s more about a feeling of having the right to exist, desire, say “yes” and “no” when we need to, acting to create self-respect, and learning to trust our instincts and gut-level truth.

(Then it will dip back into Pisces from late September 2018 to early February 2019, for the record.)

When it’s in Aries, we’ll be dealing with our relationship with conflict. This will play itself out on the individual and collective levels, even potentially with some brinkmanship and threats to play chicken as people (world leaders?) puff themselves up to look tough and then have to admit that they don’t want to fight after all.

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On the individual level, we’re going to be invited to evaluate our relationship with assertion, which will call up our histories with aggression. And this will require that we face with a grounded compassion and realism that none of us likes or wants to support violence and those who tell us that it’s how the world works (and should).

Don’t be surprised if you become even more sensitive (allergic) both to violence portrayed in media and competitive scenarios that might seem to involve bullying.

Admit your vulnerability and sensitivity – be honest about how Aries energy affects you and always has. This can be a great opportunity to heal the effects of violence, abuse, bullying, as well as learn to embrace what we truly desire when we allow our energetic and emotional sensitivity to inform how we live our lives.

My take on Chiron does not stop with the prevalent wounded-wounded healer business. I treat Chiron as an energy antenna, and I view wounding and healing as results of being sensitive to energy.

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Humans experience energy and respond emotionally, so when someone’s upset across the room and you pick up on it, that person is feeling emotion and his or her energy is activating you, and you’re responding by feeling that same emotion or, perhaps, doing what you can not to have to.

Chiron bookFor the full story on how I treat this centaur, check out my book Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It.

It takes a channeled teaching I received from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. St. Germain, Thoth, Merlin, Hermes) on energy and emotion and turns it into an astrology teaching about Chiron. I’d asked this being several times in 2008 what would happen in 2012, and his answer was a series of teachings on Chiron about opening the heart, learning to deal better with our emotions, and learning about ourselves as energetic beings.

In this teaching, Chiron’s first wound is at birth, when his mother rejects him. Most of us carry a primary wound of rejection from when we were too young to deal with it – anywhere from the moment of birth to around 18 months of age, I’ve found (though it will be reinforced and retriggered at older ages in childhood, too).

When we focus on the 2nd wound, when he’s poisoned and can’t figure out how to heal himself, we set ourselves up for believing that death is preferable to pain, which I frankly find ridiculous.

When we focus on the 1st wound, we can fill in the gaps that our parents and families might have not filled in if we didn’t feel safe, validated, supported, and loved by them in the ways that we needed. We can now become the parents for ourselves that we needed then, getting over barriers to being loving and being willing to be vulnerable and be in our hearts.

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It explains my take on Chiron’s myth, including going into detail about the 1st wound, the rejection at birth. I also explain how Chiron’s call to self-validation and self-love is the key to the Aquarian Age, a major shift of astrological ages we’re currently living through.