In August: All Crystal Orders Over $50 Get A Free St. Germain Programmed Amethyst

Programmed amethyst (with flash).

This week I began working with amethyst for the first time. Auralite 23, which is mostly amethyst but with at least 17 of up to 23 other minerals in it, is a staple in my go-to programmed crystal tool box. But that ubiquitous amethyst on its own is new to me.

I purchased a bag of larger tumbled amethyst and began working with 2 pieces. I didn’t notice anything when carrying them during the day, then slept with one in each hand one night while sleeping.

My dreams were all over the place, and one included a fear coming to the surface. Then yesterday I was triggered emotionally about old wounding about family issues from many lifetimes, and some teary waterworks ensued.

I’m no stranger to crying, or feeling filled with emotion, but this is different than my normal state and the effects of programmed pink opal, which I’ve used a lot over the last few years. Pink opal makes me cry fairly easily after some time with it, and sometimes seemingly endlessly but, again, this is different.

Reading more about what others say about amethyst includes that they’re associated with the Violet Flame of Forgiveness, so I decided to put St. Germain’s energy into them directly. Which, of course, is exactly what I needed for myself after the lats few months. (Just how did I forget how beneficial it is?!)

Through the Violet Flame, St. Germain brings you the opportunity to let something go and forgive. The real work isn’t being done by that ascended master, but by you when you agree to let the energy affect you.

It’s a sweet frequency, and its loving profile represents what turns out to be an inevitability: That you will release the pain you’ve carried and perhaps identified with for a very long time. We can dance with, or struggle against, the need to let go of things, and this energy can help take away the variables and resistance that might fill your mind and slow you down as you seek healing.

Bonus: To share this powerful energy with you, during August I’ll give you one for free when order programmed crystals with a total over $50 before shipping. They’re $20 each – now available on this page. Orders over $100 before shipping will get 2.

All of my crystals and stones are, essentially, batteries that will indefinitely give off their chakra-opening, healing frequencies. Having them with you is like receiving energy work from me and Ascended Master Djehuty and/or Archangel Metatron all the time. Their energies alter your field and consciousness for the better, inspiring you to move beyond old patterns and release what no longer serves you.

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