Pisces Full Moon Channeled Message from Djehuty: What You Perceive is True

Pisces Full Moon Channeled Message from Ascended Master Djehuty: What You Perceive is True

August 26, 2018

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This is Djehuty speaking.

With all full moons, you become aware of something. It comes into the full light of conscious awareness, and you see that it needs to go or it needs to be upgraded or embraced. But you can’t see it until you feel it—it is a full moon, of course. The energy and emotion surrounding your experience with a full moon can have you a bit wound up as this thing, whatever it is for you that needs to come into awareness, pushes or pulls itself to the surface. Others will seem to trigger you, or perhaps you will seem to trigger others. All of you are in the process of learning more about being energetic beings (consciousness) having human experiences, and lunations are certainly regular opportunities for you to explore different aspects of the reality you’re living.

The Sun is in Virgo this time, with the Moon in Pisces. The obvious emphasis is therefore on Virgoan ways of being, and around this time it will be quite obvious what is the logical, sensible thing to do. Your mind and ego will see what needs doing, what needs to be analyzed and understood, and what isn’t working well or at all and needs to be fixed. You might find yourself automatically doing/fixing what it tells you is wrong or could be better, and this is fine as far as it goes. But the course correction is all about a Piscean check-in.

The moon being full in the sign of Pisces will have you realizing that you need to feel connected to what’s happening around you. You might find a need to unplug for a time, to get away from the logic that you usually find to be so critically important. This is a time to let yourself relax and go with the flow in feeling what you feel in the moment. Yet let’s acknowledge that many of you are identified with what your mind does, wants, dictates, and worries about.

Consider how you’ve been trained to trust logic above just about anything else. Then consider times in your life when you felt something to be true but couldn’t justify it with your mind, couldn’t back it up with logic. A person in that situation has a choice: trust what feels true or retreat to the patterns of the linear, logical mind and self. This full moon carries this theme strongly, and you now have a choice about what you are willing to perceive is true.

Have you felt burned in the past because you trusted something you couldn’t prove?

Have you regretted going with the feelings in your energy field, body, and emotions over what everyone told you is obviously the right thing to do?

This full moon offers you the opportunity to relax into an extremely important part of you. Your sense of things matters. You are the only one on the planet who can feel into what is true for you, no matter what others tell you (or how often they tell it to you!). A full moon like this represents an invitation to evaluate how much power you give to logic in your life, and you may have used it to stifle senses and sensations within you that told you to trust, have faith, surrender, go with the flow, allow life to unfold in the ways that it needs to do. In those times, your mental self cannot see what is in the highest good of all, and so there is another part of you who speaks.

Over the course of this life you are advised to learn that you are more than your mind. Consider that when you find out that you’ve made a decision that now looks to have been a mistake, you’re learning as you go. What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to be a work in progress? If you’ve been listening to my teachings through this channel, you’ve heard this repeated quite a lot. I emphasize it often to invite you to expand your idea of who you are, because all you’re experiencing does in truth serve the learning journey of your soul. But after what looks like a mistake, your mind will convince you that you can’t afford to make any decisions without it being fully in charge, as if that would protect you from future pain! Pain is part of life, and you’re going to make decisions that stir pain. Please get used to this and daily decide you are willing to release the self-judgment from this kind of process that can keep you from knowing and giving credit to the part of you who needs to make some choices based in what feels right, not only the logic of the mind.

Consider that when you have two choices that may have radically different outcomes, there are different kinds of wisdom within you that can and want to weigh in. When you allow that there is more to life than what your mind says, and you learn to trust these other parts of you, then you have more tools at your disposal when you need to make important choices. Logic is necessary, and so is your sense of what’s true for you. This is another theme of this lunation, especially as the centaur Nessus conjuncts the full moon in Pisces.

Nessus is an archetype about learning to manage your civilized side with your animal side. It is large part about your relationship with instinct, but beyond that learning to manage and ground your instinct. It fluctuates in noticeable ways while the enculturated, civilized part of you has been taught to be consistent. The logic and the analytical “shoulds” of this Virgo Sun now is opposed by the wild spirit and changeable nature of Nessus with the Moon in the sign where you need to let go and trust the process, surrender and see what wants to unfold.

Do not shame any aspect of yourself is a major lesson that comes with living Nessus stories. Refuse to judge that you have reactions, feelings, desires, lust, urgency. Commit to noticing when judgment comes up within you when it comes to realizing that your feeling in a given moment is inappropriate, but refuse to shame that the feeling is there. Why should any of you shame the fact that your physical reality includes a vast amount of chemistry? How much sense does it make to shame yourself for being in the kind of bodies your souls have decided are the best ways for them to learn about how to be human? It doesn’t make sense, and this lunation asks you to get into your body and let it tell you what it’s experiencing. I guarantee you that it is manifesting what is out of order in your beliefs, emotions, and energy field. I promise you that it’s the site of your old, unprocessed memories and all you have chosen not to forgive in self and other coming into physical form. Why would you want to ignore the truth of how your life is unfolding? Perhaps to feel the illusion of safety and security your mental self has constructed and invested in, just so it can have a sense that it was right the whole time?

You’re not just your body and your emotions and sense of things, but you are definitely more than what your mind tells you are and should be. Take the opportunity of this lunation to let go of the perceived need to control everything (another illusion of the mind) and allow yourself to allow things to unfold in the moment as they need to. In your metaphysical circles you hear often about being present and cultivating presence. I challenge you with this full moon to see the mind for what it is (a helpful strategist, bill payer, scheduler maker, speller, etc.) and let the rest of you come up for the fresh air of Piscean surrender to what is.

Thank you, and be well.

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