The Programmed Moldavite Manual

To share what I’ve learned about moldavite in general and the more specific effects of my energetically programmed moldavite, I’ve posted a 20-page PDF titled The Programmed Moldavite Manual.

(You can also hear me read the whole thing at this link.)

This tektite is already powerful, and the energy I put into it boosts the effects. It’s said to launch you into the next phase of your spiritual evolution, and my pieces do this even more, while altering the shape of your energy field so you can get used to not carrying negative parts of self that carry difficult feelings.

In the Manual I share my definition of spirituality, and how programmed moldavite will help you advance it.

Other topics include how to know if/when you’re ready to work with this life-changing material, what it is and what it will do to your consciousness, how to adjust to its presence in your life and understand its first impact upon you, what it means when you don’t connect with it for a while, and how to successfully work with programmed moldavite over the long-term.

I also include suggestions for use, covering holding in a hand, sleeping while holding it, programming water, and using two pieces (one in either hand) to complete a circuit to enhance the energy flow and effects throughout your entire body.

With any programmed moldavite purchase, I’ll include two channeled meditations from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) at no extra charge. They’ll take you deeper into your connection with this life-altering tektite. They total 35 minutes (17 + 18 mins.), and normally would be $20.

See all the available pieces, including wire-wrapped pendants and small, medium, and large raw pieces.