Programmed Pink Opal and Amethyst: Where Does Love Come From?

In the teachings from Hermes/St. Germain/Merlin/Thoth/Djehuty that I work with, each human is challenged to become the source of love for the self.

This means becoming the person who validates you, and the person who listens to and takes seriously what you feel.

It also means not waiting for others to hear, see, validate, support, or love you in the ways that you need.

This is for many an uphill trek, as it’s difficult to let others from our past (esp. family!) off the hook for loving us in the ways that we needed when young.

One of the ways that I work with this is by programming St. Germain’s heart-opening energy in both pink opal and amethyst.

St. Germain’s energy is a sweet, divinely loving frequency that connects us to unconditional love. Use one of these programmed pieces or bracelets to remind you that it exists, and let yourself stay connected to this higher, loving energy by carrying or wearing the crystal(s).

Recently a woman at a workshop bought a programmed pink opal bead strand from me, and it immediately filled in a gap. She told me she had been working on figuring out where she’d be able to find the motherly love she did not receive from her own mother years before.

Holding the programmed beads, a tear came into her eye as she felt that thing that had been so elusive.

It’s my intention that you use either programmed amethyst or pink opal to remember that you’re not your issues or dilemmas, your choices or seeming mistakes.

Unconditional love is always yours–and these pieces will help you train yourself to remember this essential part of your nature as a Divine being living life as a human.

In time, you can get accustomed to opening your heart using these programmed stones, as they will not let you forget the beautiful energy that your mind in its judgments can inspire you to overlook.