Trump’s “Nobody likes me”: It’s all about Chiron, people.

As I recorded about 3 years ago, Trump’s malfunctions have much to do with Chiron, specifically Chironic vulnerability.

Today he talked to the press about how no one likes him–this is all Chiron.

The mp3 linked to above covers his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, so it’s a bit dated. But I stand by my analysis 100%.

He has SN ruler conjunct Chiron in Libra/2nd house, conjunct Jupiter–in many lives he shows up as someone with gigantic (Jupiter) self-esteem issues (Chiron in the 2nd), terribly concerned about what others think of him (Libra), and this is one of the major driving forces in his life.

All of us are ready to learn more about living with Chiron in healthy ways. Many feel being sensitive to others’ emotions a burden, but I have a different take.

Want to understand Chiron through a lens of empowerment? My Chiron Natal Report will do just that.

The report explains how to reframe energetic and emotional sensitivity so you can see the gift of compassionate teaching that Chiron can be in grounded, mature hands.

My goal is to teach you to get beyond the wounded-wounded healer thing, which I see as a false dichotomy reflective of our need to learn more about energetic and emotional sensitivity, compassion, and energetic and emotional boundaries. The report tells the story of your inner infant’s wound, which is Chiron’s first wound as he was rejected by his mother at birth.

Read more and order yours here.