Video: The Importance of Healing the Original Root (25 mins.)

Tom Jacobs (; why we can’t ever leave behind our histories with the root chakra/1st chakra/energy center, but that this isn’t bad news. It’s simply part of the human empowerment process designed by soul seeking to learn through that process what it means and feels like to be human.

We need to learn to bring acceptance, compassion, and love to all issues from the past in order to have a healthy root chakra and build a sane, confident self from the root up.

He shares how to learn to work through old, dense, difficult issues with family and community to fill in the gaps, even if we have created/developed a support structure as adults that does work for us.

Recommended resources:
1. The Chakra Course–if this information strikes a chord with you, the Chakra Course is highly recommended (at minimum Part 1, on the lower 3 chakras):

2. 22 channeled energy work meditations:

22 Channeled Energy Work Meditations with Djehuty and Metatron

3. Energy is Money is Energy webinar, which address many root-chakra issues and how they have shaped self-esteem, perceptions of deserving, and how we treat ourselves now:

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