Channeling Metatron: Sovereignty Affirmation 01 (Leo)

Use this video as a meditation to connect to Archangel Metatron’s energy. Let yourself ease into it, adapting to the energy in my voice. The affirmation is repeated in the video a number of times before Metatron speaks a brief message after minute 9.

Metatron’s energy is good for rooting out disempowerment from deep levels, revealing what you carry that needs to go. His energy focuses on uncompromising integrity, and connecting with it over time will help you fill in gaps in your field, clear what you can’t use, and get centered in a powerful, deep way.

The text of the affirmation is channeled from both Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron together.

When I sat down to record it to post a video, I felt Metatron could come through, so I spent some time meditating to get myself open to him. Then he repeated the affirmation through me as I worked to get closer to his energy, to give listeners/watchers a chance to connect with him.
I did not expect he would look into the camera at times or speak at the end, and he did.

The affirmation for Leo (this current month is the solar month of Leo, but this can be used any time):

I release myself across time in all of my soul’s various lives from vows, promises, and obligations real and perceived to submit to the apparent power of another, system, group, or state entity. I release myself from any and all bonds real and perceived to others’ opinions of me.
I claim my sovereignty now and always. I alone define who I am.
(Copyright 2020 Tom Jacobs)

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