New Webinar: Pluto in Virgo Opposite Chiron in Pisces, Oct. 11, 18, & 25, 2020

Most births in the 1960s have charts with Pluto in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces. This unique webinar over 3 Sundays (Oct. 11, 18, & 25, 2020) for a small group will explore the deep layers of meaning of these symbols and provide channeled minireadings and tools for healing.

Pluto in Virgo has an undeniable and unavoidable need to be of service, to fix and organize and heal, and is navigating the ins and outs of duty and responsibility in many lives. Chiron in Pisces opposite it means that the chart holder is learning over many lifetimes (including this one) about the limits of healing, fixing, and taking responsibility.

The results can be guilt, shame, regret, self-judgment, and self-doubt regarding helping and not helping, when helping doesn’t work or work well enough, fears about measuring up, perceptions of failure, harsh self-criticism, believing you need to prove your worthiness of love and support and respect, and more.

Read more and sign up here. Open to 5, with 3 spots open as of Sept. 20.

To learn more about this configuration in the birth chart and how I see and work with it, see this video I posted recently: