Programmed Auralite 23: Connect with the Logic of Your Soul, Guides, and Higher Self

While I learned how to channel an ascended master using tiger iron, a grounding stone, I have worked with a number of beings since then using auralite 23 and moldavite.

Getting extremely grounded means getting into your body, and results in more presence and confidence, as well as will power and self-trust. (Then you have to deal with and clear out energies that might have been stuck in your lower chakras! It’s work, but important work that’s entirely worth it.)

After I was comfortable remaining grounded, I used energetically programmed auralite 23 for several years quite a lot. It helped me connect with my higher self and disconnect from inner negative, or sour, voices. Then I used moldavite for a couple of years almost all the time, as it helps eliminate those negative voices so you can get used to who you are without their influence. (Then you can deal with them later, when you put the moldavite down.)

I’m returning to using programmed auralite 23 more often. I want you put your attention on the notion of what it is “your highest good” and how programmed auralite 23 can help you adapt to what I think of a spiritual logic, or the logic of your soul, spirit guides, and higher self.

Your evolutionary path as a human involves growth, and sometimes this is not pleasant. From your soul’s point of view, it chooses to be born here as a human to learn to go from fear into love, and pain into acceptance, etc.–from grief into compassion. There are many ways of describing being in pain and learning to bring love to that pain.

Your soul’s plan for you involves at times putting yourself into pain or one of its parallels, or having others nudge you into it. It knows that you will figure at some point how to learn to becoming loving in the face of pain. So, then, it knows you will, at times, experience painful things, and that these can help you grow.

Your spirit guides can read the manual that your soul wrote for your life, including how it is, at times, in your highest good to be nudged into pain so that you can learn to emerge from it by bringing love to it.

Therefore, your spirit guides also know that you will experience pain and its parallels at times.

Your higher self, I would say, you feel when you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose and path.

All that said, it is your egoic mind and personality that might believe that you deserve the pain you experience, or the sorrow you feel, or the whatever else you might experience on the pain side of the list of feelings.

To get closer to the wisdom of your soul, to feel a connection to your higher self, you need to align with the logic of soul. And it’s this kind of logic that understands that painful situations are important teachers in your life.

It’s the egoic mind and personality that will resent being inconvenienced by difficulty, perhaps choosing to be angry about those situations in your life. It’s the logic of mind that holds that progress is everything, and you should be free of difficult things so that you can build, earn, prosper, shine, and, in general, get as much done as possible.

I’m inviting you to use programmed auralite 23 to adapt to being in alignment with the logic of what your soul is bringing to you to experience to learn along your human journey. Using it, you hear inner parts who are or sometimes feel negative or unhappy, but you no longer believe they are who you are.

You learn with the auralite 23 to be patient and learn about why a painful situation serves you. You experience stepping back from the edge of emotional reactivity to various scenarios, learning to give life and others a chance to show you what’s important for you to learn right now.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to accept that logic of soul that your spirit guides support … and not believe the parts of self who are put out, upset, and frustrated that things are getting in the way of progress and productivity. While we do have to deal with any negative feelings we might carry, we can get used to living with high vibrations of these crystals in order to learn not to believe that the complaints of the egoic mind and personality are all we are.

Check out all the pieces currently available on my site. Any of them can be programmed additionally with Archangel Metatron’s energy for shaking loose deep disempowered feelings, but they cannot be turned back. So choose wisely, or get two and request that one be programmed with this distinct energy.