Channeling St. Germain: Being Willing to Feel channeled meditation

I channel a being called Hermes, also known as Djehuty, St. Germain, Thoth, and Merlin.

His mode as St. Germain is as the keeper of the Violet Flame of Forgiveness, which offers you the opportunity to transform through shedding pain and hurtful energies and emotions we have held onto, including forgiving self and other for everything and anything from this life and from many lives.

It’s rare that I channel the St. Germain frequency, so am happy to have done so recently.

Over the next few weeks, the new 88 Minutes with St. Germain will be released:
File 1: Being Willing to Feel (heart-opening meditation)
File 2: In Support of Forgiveness (heart-opening meditation)
File 3: Calling on the Violet Flame of Forgiveness (a teaching on the Violet Flame and how to call on and use it)

File 1: Being Willing to Feel heart-opening meditation is available now. Stay tuned for File 2’s release soon.

If this work is helpful for you, you can send energy back my way here.

Programmed crystals that can be helpful for opening and stabilizing the heart:
Programmed pink opal will help you get emotional energy flowing and programmed amethyst will help you connect with St. Germain while stabilizing your energy field. Each is infused with St. Germain’s heart-opening energy while the mineral structures hold and give off the energy in different ways (pink opal is silica-based, while amethyst is quartz-based).