Higher Self Protocol 1 Course is the First of Three

This post explains the arc of the three courses beginning with The Higher Self Protocol 1.

With my long-term goal of doing and teaching a particular kind of mediumship (help for spirits crossing over and support for living loved ones grieving, all with the best and healthiest boundaries), Hermes (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) stepped in and helped me devise a syllabus for the first of these courses.

Then came a very direct scripting of the syllabus for the second course by Djehuty. After that, I saw clearly the whole process leads to the 3rd course, Mediumship, supporting me in my long-term goal.

Below is an overview of the three courses for those interested in understanding the arc they describe.

Information on the first course, including prerequisites and upcoming course options, is here.

The 3-course Series Overview
The Higher Self Protocol 1

    • 9 weekly meetings
    • Exploring who spirit guides are (and are not), what they do (and don’t do), how they work (and don’t work), and when to consult them (and when not to)
    • Learning to discern different frequencies within yourself–getting to know your “intuitive radio dial”
    • Self-reflection exercises to clear the past and raise your vibration
    • Journaling
    • Meditation in class and at home on your own
    • Progressive work with selected programmed crystals that are required for the course (see below)

The Higher Self Protocol 2: An optional follow-up class by invitation
Open to those who have completed The Higher Self Protocol Part 1 who I feel are ready to advance.

    • 8 Saturdays beginning January 21, 2023. 10 AM to noon Pacific time.
    • Continuing the above plus advanced topics including:
      • stepping into your power as a Divine being/working with the Universe in more conscious ways
      • manifesting practices
      • continuing to fine-tune energy management skills
      • continuing to develop and strengthen energetic and emotional boundaries
      • more work with programmed crystals (same as we used in HSP1)
      • discerning frequencies
      • practice channeling guides for each other/learning to read others in healthy ways
      • info to support mediumship and channeling for those interested (beyond spirit guide work)

The Mediumship Course
Open to those who have successfully completed The Higher Self Protocol 2.

    • 8 weekly meetings
    • Advanced teachings on the soul’s multilife journey
    • Advanced work with energetic boundaries and heart opening/clearing
    • Distinguishing guides from spirits, and “crossed-over” spirits from those who have not
    • What can keep a spirit stuck in/on the Earth plane (not crossing over) and how to help them cross
      • Learning “spirit rescue and release”: working with spirits to support them in crossing over, whatever they might need (counseling to help them let go and move on)
    • Working with human surviving loved ones on understanding soul-level contracts with deceased loved ones, grief, letting go, and forgiveness
    • Practice readings