Individual Coaching is Back

4 weeks at a time, 20 minutes per week. No long-term commitment. No astrology knowledge is needed.
Each 4-week set of calls is $300.

I’ll use your astrology chart and also bring through your guides (sometimes also Hermes/Djehuty/Thoth/St. Germain) in the process. Everything I do is aligned with the logic of soul that teaches you to see and accept what is in your highest good.

Bring your questions. Ask about life purpose, work/career, family issues past and present, money/abundance issues, how to work through challenging times including past/present trauma and abuse, and just about anything else.

Quite often, solutions come from understanding other-life (past-life) sources of current-life knots, blocks, and bruises. I identify these and help you move through those current-life manifestations.

You will learn to view yourself in an entirely new light, even if you are already familiar with evolutionary astrology. The wisdom about soul and our many human lives that comes from Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and the departed spirits I’ve worked with and learned from enriches how I practice evolutionary astrology.

Note 1: No predictions. No horary/electional astrology/choosing dates for business deals, major purchases, project launches, or surgeries.
Note 2: No 2-chart relationship/synastry readings. Questions about your relationships can be answered with your chart alone. Your chart details the kinds of people you attract and what you need to resolve to upgrade who you attract.

Exchange Rate:
Four 20-minute coaching sessions are $300. Use PayPal here or contact me for another form of payment (in the USA, Square< Venmo, Zelle. Outside the USA, Square).

From recent coaching clients:

I found Tom Jacobs on YouTube shortly after discovering Evolutionary Astrology. After listening to several videos and recordings, I booked a private session. I was in the middle of a significant move, and the session was affirming and insightful. Once settled in my new location, I noticed his group coaching option and, over an eight-month period, engaged in four monthly coaching series and one manifestation series.
The changes in my life during this period have been phenomenal. I have been on a path of healing and transformation for a long time, and these sessions have taken my progress to a new level. With the help and insight of Tom and the guides that come through him, each week I see and understand a new layer of what has hindered or confused me. I have made life-changing and visible progress on the topics of work and relationships. It is beyond wonderful to have consistent input and support infused with wisdom. I highly recommend any of Tom Jacobs’ courses, consultations, or coaching programs.  Joan, Florida

The 4-week group sessions … turned out to be just right for the three of us participants. I was the group member least knowledgeable about astrology, therefore beginning the group with apprehension. However, the experience turned out to be comfortable, informative, and supportive. The structure of a four week session anchored me into researching and understanding the many aspects of my own chart, helping me grow a working vocabulary. The group sharing provided reinforcement of similarities and provoked curiosity about terms and aspects I did not understand. I believe we all thought this experience was enjoyable and educational.
Thank you for offering this opportunity and for providing a comfortable atmosphere for the group.