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Energy is Money is Energy. Begins March 12, 2023. Learn to clear energetic/emotional blocks that prevent, mess with, and block money flow. Read more and register.

Living with Saturn Intensive Webinar. Begins April 4, 2023. Details and registration info on the way.
A 4-week class with personal explorations involving mp3 minireadings on Saturn in your chart and group discussions on the best ways to live with this energy, both natally and in transit. Overcome stereotypes and inner negative voices to learn what this archetype within you is really about.

Root Chakra Incubator #2. Begins May 19, 2023. Early registration at $50 off open through the end of February 19, 2023. Learn to heal family, community, safety, society issues that affect your field in unhappy ways. We will address and bring love to what you might have thought your whole life can’t be healed or changed! Read more and register.

Stay tuned for:

Higher Self Protocol 1: Opening to and Working with Spirit Guides. Dates TBD. Learn to ground, manage, and release your fears, doubts, shame and guilt from this life and other lives. As you do this, you learn to intentionally raise your vibration and your intuitive faculties can connect with spirit guides.

The Pluto Healing Intensive Webinar. 2022’s was a success and I’ll share 2023 dates as soon as I have them.
A new format eliminates travel and opens these powerful, transformative teachings to a larger group.
Read more to get an idea of why you’ll sign up for next year’s offering (dates TBD).

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