Natal Pluto Signs

For the full story from me on natal Pluto signs, get the Pluto Generations Course. In it I cover the generations Cancer (births beginning in 1913) through Capricorn (births now through 2023-2024) to help understand in-depth what their souls’ journeys are about.

The house of your natal Pluto indicates the parts of life that have been the grounds upon which your empowerment journey plays out–activities, behaviors, things you’re doing and pursuing.

The sign of your natal Pluto is about how and why that journey is happening. Signs represent motivations and methods, and are not the same as houses. (Steer clear of teachings that confuse and conflate them–it will only lead to confusion for you later.)

As my focus is on counseling astrology–helping people understand themselves better and work through issues in their lives toward healing ends–this page will focus on Pluto in Cancer through Pluto in Capricorn. This is because you won’t encounter clients alive with Pluto in Aquarius for some years to come, and Pisces through Gemini for generations to come.

Pluto in Cancer
Dates: July 10, 1913 – December 29, 1913, May 28, 1914 – October 8, 1937, November 28, 1937 – August 5, 1938, February 9, 1939 – June 15, 1939

This generation of people carry lifetimes of memories of being disempowered through having and expressing needs and feelings. They need to approach life through the lens of emotion, seeking security and safety, and needing to show their vulnerable sides and be accepted even though they’re sensitive and emotional. The house of your Pluto sets the stage, as it will reveal what parts of life are approached and lived through the lens of emotion, needs, etc.

In many lives, you have opened to be vulnerable and expressed your emotions and felt disempowered as a result. Sometimes this is because you live around people hardened by pain, or are living in times or communities defined by difficulty and suffering (so that others may not see the value in vulnerability). The worst things you can experience include shutting down their feelings and ignoring their needs, while the best thing is transformation through painful and difficult emotions, by going through the hardest times and finding the strength within to hold space for the deepest sort of human emotional rebirth.

Pluto in Leo
Dates: October 9, 1937 – November 27, 1937, August 6, 1938 – February 8, 1939, June 16, 1939 – October 20, 1956, January 16, 1957 – August 19, 1957, April 13, 1958 – June 11, 1958

This group needs to express their personal style, flair, and opinion through the activities and behaviors described by their natal Pluto house. You carry many lives of memories during which you couldn’t express yourself, or when your unique way of doing things or personal voice was lost in a crowd or in the face of others’ desires and expectations about how things should be done. You’re trying to figure out ways to enjoy things, and to create reasons to celebrate life, yourself, and others.

The worst thing for you is to submit to the drudgery of routine in which there’s no room for play, enjoyment, performance, or personal expression. You might also at times feel your egoic self invalidated when others don’t want to pay attention to you, don’t have time for you, or don’t find special what you’re sharing or expressing. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to validate yourself no matter what: Express only what’s authentic (not so you can get attention), and believe in your right to share. If others don’t care, then it doesn’t matter because you’re doing it for yourself and your enjoyment of life.

Pluto in Virgo
Dates: October 20, 1956 – January 15, 1957, August 20, 1957 – April 12, 1958, June 12, 1958 – October 6, 1971, April 18, 1972 – July 31, 1972

This generation has many lives of memories of trying to improve yourselves and the world around your related to the natal house of your Pluto. Whatever activities your natal Pluto says you’re focused on, you’re ranking available data, analyzing, and attempting to make things better. You may have a tendency to judge yourself harshly if you’re not doing things well enough (as you expected or thought you’d do), not showing up on time, and not taking responsibility for improving things and being of service in some way.

The worst things for you would be to not measure up, miss a chance to make something or someone better, work with incomplete data (or misinterpret it), or fail. The best thing is to prove yourself through hard work, dedication, and sacrificing in the spirit of being better, making things work well, or being effective in helping others. If you attract others who criticize you, know that you are in need of giving yourself permission to be a work in progress, as all humans are. It’s just that you’ve seen a lot of damage and suffering in many lives as a result of not being responsible or responsible enough, and are in need of healing the idea that you should have behaved differently.

Pluto in Libra
Dates: October 6, 1971 – April 17, 1972, July 31, 1972 – November 5, 1983, May 19, 1984 – August 27, 1984

Your generation in many lifetimes keeps encountering what’s unfair, unjust, imbalanced, and unequal. Given the activities and focus of the house of your natal Pluto, you’re working in many lives to bring balance, kindness, generosity, and fairness. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll try to be fair to others but might be so hurt by others’ lack of fairness toward you that you return the energy, moving away from building the bridges you so desperately need to create with others.

The worst things for you include being ignored, controlled, overpowered or treated unfairly in relationship, not listened to, not asked about yourself, and rejected. The best things you can experience include bringing your interest and skills in negotiation, compromise, deal-making, and mediation to bear in situations to make life better for yourself and others. You have a deep fear of not being liked, accepted, and loved, and you need to learn and accept that sometimes honesty can make others reject you, but that this is in the end a good thing. (Do you really want to be in relationship with people who aren’t honest and/or don’t want you to be honest?)

Pluto in Scorpio
Dates: November 6, 1983 – May 19, 1984, August 28, 1984 – January 17, 1995, April 22, 1995 – November 10, 1995

Your Pluto house describes the parts of life you need to deal with. With Pluto in Scorpio, you’re challenged to dig for the deepest levels of truth when it comes to those issues. In many lifetimes, you might be afraid at times of how intensely your emotions can fill you, and hot they can run. Learning to face that you possess all human motivations and feelings, but also learning to cease judging these truths, is part of your empowerment path.

The worst things for you include being treated dishonesty, being used, opening to vulnerability, and being betrayed or abandoned. Yet one of the worst things for you is if you yourself turn away from what’s true about and within you. When you can validate that you feel intensely and own all of your reactions, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and life without judgment, you’re on your way to the deep self-knowledge and -acceptance needed with this placement. Transformation into total honesty about who you are (and what you do and don’t want) is one of the best things that you can choose to do for yourself. Once you do this, you’re no longer subject to being afraid of your human self in all its forms … warts and all.

Pluto in Sagittarius
Dates: January 18, 1995 – April 22, 1995, November 11, 1995 –
January 27, 2008, June 15, 2008 – November 28, 2008

One of your main challenges is to learn how to recover the willingness to put faith in something, the world, others, or yourself. In many lifetimes, you’ve both overextended yourself into believing in yourself and tried not to, resulting in extremes of self-worth and the capacity to look forward to a better tomorrow. Consider the parts of life indicated by your natal Pluto house and realize that you’ve at times tended to believe in those things too much and not enough. As a result, you might discount what’s possible as a way of protecting yourself from believing in yourself and turning out to be wrong, or refusing to believe in yourself and turning out to be wrong.

The worst things for you include to be handicapped in some way by your negative or disempowered beliefs, or beliefs you consider helpful but are anything but. The best things for you include to believe in yourself and find out that you were right to do so, that you can believe in a better tomorrow and actually make progress in creating it. Going back and forth from optimism and pessimism might exhaust you, yet it’s possible that you at times can’t seem to control the intensity of either. You need to believe in something, and your path involves letting yourself reclaim the willingness to do so but, over time, upgrade those beliefs when needed. In some lives, you get stuck in certain ways of thinking and believing and now you need to learn to change your framework to change how you experience being human.

Pluto in Capricorn
Dates: January 27, 2008 – June 15, 2008, November 28, 2008 – March 24, 2023, June 12, 2023 – January 22, 2024, September 2, 2024 – November 20, 2024

In many lifetimes, you are experiencing too much and too little maturity, structure, discipline, and organization when it comes to the activities and parts of life indicated by your natal Pluto house. Whatever it’s so important that you accomplish, you might bring a rigid attitude to it to make sure you push through and achieve it. Through one lens, you’re in need of proving that you’re worth being put in charge of something or, at minimum, that you’re competent to run your own life. You might have an eagle-eye critique of authority figures who won’t or don’t give you a chance to prove that you can measure up to external standards and competencies, or who carry flaws and blind spots about their own worth as authority figures.

The worst things for you include to be shamed for not being perfect yet, carrying human vulnerability that seems to get in the way of achievement, or not being tough enough for whatever task is in front of you. The best things for you include giving yourself a chance to grow into responsibility, maturity, and competence over time, and owning the authority to run your life and be your own boss in some way. You’re here to learn to become the right kind of adult, parent, boss, manager, builder, or leader–don’t let self-criticism and second-guessing yourself stop you.

For the full story on natal Pluto signs, get the Pluto Generations Course. In it I cover the generations Cancer (births beginning in 1913) through Capricorn (births now through 2023-2024) to help understand in-depth what their souls’ journeys are about.


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