Natal Pluto Aspects

There are no good or bad aspects. Given that Pluto represents the best and worst experiences a person will have over the course of many lifetimes as he or she attempts to become strong and confident, natal aspects to Pluto bring both positive and negative memories from the karmic past.

These aspects represent tools, challenges, blocks, supports, and pressures on the person as he or she figures out how to become empowered. In doing 4-step analyses, I focus on difficult aspects for two reasons:

  1. A person will literally never come in for a reading because Venus is sextile her Pluto, or Saturn trines it.
  2. My focus is helping people resolve tensions from the past to improve their lives now, so using difficult aspects that represent painful experiences is the best way to do that.

On these Pluto natal aspects pages, you’ll read about conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and quincunxes.

Conjunctions to Pluto (8 degree orb) represent qualities and motivations wrapped up with a person’s multilife empowerment journey. We can’t separate the conjuncting planet from the soul’s intentions or the pains and difficulties from the multilife journey. The stakes are very high to be successful with a planet conjuncting Pluto.

Squares to Pluto (8 degree orb) reveal pressure, friction, and criticism that come to the person as he or she deals with Plutonian issues and empowerment. He or she needs to learn to integrate the potential wisdom of the planetary archetype, yet may be distracted by people, groups, and situations that have pressured, given friction, or criticized him or her (or are doing so now).

Oppositions to Pluto (8 degree orb) describe blocks, challenges, and confrontations the person experiences in many lifetimes when attempting to become empowered with his or her Pluto. The person needs ultimately to learn about the self and the Plutonian mission through reflection from people, groups, and situations that representing the opposing planet, but is likely distracted by potential negative treatment he or she has received in many lifetimes.

Quincunxes to Pluto (3 degree orb) tell of energies that have knocked the person off course (sometimes irrevocably) in many lifetimes as he or she pursues the Plutonian empowerment path. There is a sudden, from-left-field feeling to quincunxes to Pluto, and the person may carry deep signatures of trauma and avoidance when it comes to people, groups, situations, and opportunities related to the quincunxing planet.

Since I don’t focus on sextiles and trines when untangling the problems of a person’s multilife or karmic journey, in the following Pluto aspects pages you’ll notice that there’s no Pluto-Neptune aspects page. Most people alive on Earth now have Pluto sextile Neptune, and none have them conjunct, square, opposite, or quincunx.

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