Chiron In Pisces

Chiron will enter Pisces for a bit coming up before its annual retrograde cycle. It will be in the sign of connectedness and surrender from April 21 to July 21.

This is the first hint of what those with Chiron in Pisces have to look forward to with their Chiron returns. This is the group born during these dates: Late March – mid August 1960, mid January 1961 – end January 1969.

I work with Chiron as an energetic sensitizer. Emotion is energy, and very often our Chiron sides are inundated with emotional information or even overwhelmed with it. When this happens we are not open to experience the world around us in ways that can bring the healthy and useful sides of our Chirons out. High Chiron expression includes living with an open heart. Encountering the world as beings willing to be as energetically and emotionally sensitive as we can be. To get there, we have to learn to work with our emotions and move emotional energy. We have to understand in deep ways how to function as the sensitive beings that we are without being stuck on certain experiences that hurt us.

In Pisces, the method of Chiron is to pick up on as many frequencies in the surrounding world as possible. How it plays out in many lives is overwhelm but there are ways to manage it healthily that lead one to grace and ease when it comes to sensitivity.

Boundaries are key here. Boundaries are not about ensuring that others do not cross your lines. They are not about protecting you from some threat, seen or unseen. The spiritual line on boundaries is that they are your calling card. You establish what you are available for and what kinds of things you will experience and the universe proceeds to make sure that those who can read your calling card come into your sphere. Those who do not have the willingness or ability to read your card do not come into your sphere.

In all the ways that you might be afraid of your own energetic/emotional sensitivity, afraid of what will happen to you if you open up, try on for size the idea that this is a part of you critical to your humanity. In all the ways that you fear the energy of others, try on for size that you have the right and power to define the kinds of things you’re available to experience.

Once you set such an intention you will draw for a time people and circumstances outside your range not to test you to see if you respond correctly but to give you the chance to ground your intention in real-world experience. It’s one thing to announce we are willing to experience (for example) love, supportive relationships, and growth that challenges us to evolve, yet if we are still willing to DO something else, it doesn’t matter what intention we have set. We have to back up our intentions with actions.

With Chiron in Pisces, there is a porousness we might not feel we have the right to manage. Everything out there is what it is, after all. Those with Chiron in this sign need to learn to develop healthy boundaries by saying no to what does not serve them or work in their lives but they also have to say yes to what does work and serve them. Nearing the Chiron return, the opportunity is to get clear on the fact that they create their reality all the time and that they have the right and the ability to shift into better boundaries so that overwhelm is no longer an issue. The gift of Chiron once they do this – once they heal their wounding about boundaries having been crossed and the right use of absorbency and porousness – is in leading others by example of high levels of spiritual maturity, something desperately needed on the planet now.

For the rest of us, Chiron’s transit through Pisces will challenge us to learn more about the right ways to open up, as well as the right reasons to. We will have to go through our histories of feeling open and closed to energy and emotion in the world around us and sort through any fears we may have developed about why and when to open, why and when not to.

This transit is a call to surrender to the true spiritual nature of ourselves. Each individual interested to do so will have the opportunity to tap into greater and deeper levels of awareness of the truths that underlie everything.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, and channel in Tucson, AZ. He is the author of Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys and Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening. See his site for more information on his work and to book a session,