From a client reading “Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes”

Hi Tom,
I was reading your book
Seeing through Spiritual Eyes and was quite powerfully struck by something you said. I thought it might be useful for others that follow your teachings who are in the midst of a Pluto square with Saturn transiting Libra to aid in the healing of deep wounds or simply to think about.

Anyway, the quote is “The karmic basis for all of our relationships is, in fact, love. If we did not love each other, we would not agree at the level of the spirit and soul to be teachers for each other, which we all do.” For me, this is a gentle/loving way to calm the voice of the inner child that surfaces and asks the question “why” – i.e., why was I born into such a deranged family system or why does this relationship pattern happen over and over again, etc. By shifting the lens of perception from the victim stance to being grateful that the other soul loves/loved me so much to teach me this lesson is liberating especially if there is some early childhood wounding that ignites the “is the world safe” or “I am innately bad” story line.

I find that when the inner child acting from the lower chakras is in her story, that is when I am leaking energy and not coming from a place of empowerment, which is also what the Pluto square is offering during this period of transformation.


Opening to the simple truth that love is the basis of each and every one of our relationships can dilute the momentum of the stories we tell ourselves about why things happen in our lives as they do.

My job as a counseling astrologer supporting people to change karma and evolve energetically/spiritually seems often to rest on imparting this truth.

When we are in the throes of pain it is very difficult to open to it. Yet when we create space in our awareness through some sort of meditative practice we will find ourselves remarkably open to exploring it.

J. references the Pluto square in her note. It is a time when we are confronted with facing our deepest fears. For those with Pluto in Libra in their astrological charts, there is soul wounding surrounding knowing the self in terms of others. Often this can come out as taking the reflections we receive from others personally and as indicative of truth. The Pluto square for them will involve letting those ideas go and re-orienting how they have relationships.

She also mentions Saturn transiting Libra now, going over the Plutos of those people. One thing Saturn calls for is realism, and in Libra over Pluto the kind of awareness she gained from that passage is entirely appropriate.

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