Unraveling Karma Episode 20

I discuss and explain the Pluto square for the generation with natal Pluto in Libra (born 1971-2 to 1984), look at Amanda Knox’s karma, and answer listener Wendy’s question about her karma with three planets conjunct her 12th house Pisces North Node.

2 thoughts on “Unraveling Karma Episode 20

  1. Hi Tom – loved this podcast. Was making notes as I was listening, going to come back to it again and again. The section on the Pluto square has helped me a lot to understand a chart I’m studying from 1972.

    I was trying to remember my own Pluto square – 1998 when Pluto was at 7 Sagittarius. I honestly can’t remember going through anything as tough as this. The following year, yes, but Pluto was 3 degrees on from the square by then. Absolutely nothing sticks for 1998 about fears coming to the surface. And that really puzzles me. I wasn’t nearly as astrologically aware then but it’s so unlikely it just passed me by.

    Those fears are sure coming out now that Pluto’s opposing my Sun – in readiness for Pluto trine Pluto coming up!

  2. This was my first time listening to a podcast. Thank you for offering your insight and wisdom in dealing with the karma and fears coming up for the libra pluto squares. I especially appreciate the aspect on energy and fears. Well done!

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