New channeled e-book: “Djehuty: Approaching Love”

I’m announcing a new e-book of channeled material, “Djehuty: Approaching Love”.
I recently began channeling this Ascended Master outside of client sessions and research/writing. I’ve been recording him speaking through me or letting him type through me since August, and this e-book collates the seven sessions about love and relationships completed since then.
Djehuty is all about supporting us in our evolution. The teachings in this volume intend to stir your consciousness to evolve out of old ways of being, to get you more in touch with the truth that you are Divine beings having human experiences. He frames everything in terms of the journey of the soul so that you can understand what you are experiencing as the soul sees it. He emphasizes the importance of you learning the reasons your soul has created what you are experiencing. At every turn he shows us how to leave behind what is not love so that we can move toward and embody what love is.
The contents of this volume, with a few notes on each file:
Where Does Love Come From?: Djehuty asks us what we perceive we have to do in order to get love, and how this has created patterns in our relationships.
Relationships and Karma: This explores the karma we have with other people that gets played out in our relationships, but also the personal karma each person has about relationships. This perspective can help us sort through how and why we seek and have relationships.
Marriage: How we have approached marriage for thousands of years and how this institution as we have received it is a reflection of Piscean Age thinking. Djehuty contrasts this purpose and history with a conception of marriage that will serve us well as we begin the transition into the Aquarian Age.
Approaching Love: Dismantling cultural notions of romance helps us get closer to what love really is, helping us create healthy relationships that serve us.
Sexual Intimacy: Sexuality as a natural form of communication, the cultural purpose for monogamy, perspectives on the soul’s co-creation of sexual violence, and perspectives on sexual healing.
Children: Our conceptions of and approaches to children, including perspective on the soul journeys of those who cannot have children and those who choose not to.
Your Relationships With Animals: All about animals as food and pets, including how we can understand animals’ soul journeys whether they are housemates or raised to be eaten. Djehuty also explains the energetic/consciousness difference between dogs and cats, why a being incarnates as one or the other, and our karma with our pets including why certain people prefer dogs or cats.
I’m offering this exciting new material as an e-book (PDF) through my site (here) and as an e-book through Kindle (here).

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