Announcing a new channeled e-book, “Djehuty: Understanding Loss and Death”

Yes, I did just announce a new volume of channeled material two weeks ago…but by that time, I was already halfway through the second. I don’t know if this focus on channeling is for a certain time or for keeps, but I’m running with it gratefully as it flows through me.
As I take in the reactions from people all over the country about the recent shootings here in Tucson, I realize how critical is the material in this second volume. We do not understand why people set out to and do kill each other, or how to understand violent accidental and premature death, or the death of a child. Djehuty had been coming through on these topics for weeks to help us understand why we humans create these experiences, so I’ve moved up the release date of this material to today.
I recommend reading both volumes, as the Ascended Master Djehuty outlines in them information critical for us to understand as we experience the evolution of consciousness now. We are currently “hurtling through space-time” toward the end of the Mayan Calendar, and these teachings are meant to show us the way to the evolved state possible with the changes that culminate at the calendar’s end.
The first, Djehuty: Approaching Love, focuses on relationships and karma. The second, Djehuty: Understanding Loss and Death, focuses on…loss and death.
He begins with an exploration of the mechanics of soul and karma, and how we experience loss, how to understand and move beyond it. Next is a chapter on death as it fits with the soul’s journey, including what happens at and after death. I shaped these truths into astrology teachings in my book The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel, yet this is in depth and straight from the Master’s mouth – a very different context and experience.
Next he explains how the soul experiences a variety of life experiences in these two arenas, as well as explaining why souls choose them and how as we live we can heal our memories of having experienced them and witnessed others experiencing them.
The forms of loss and death covered are soul fragmentation, accidental death, death of a child, adoption, abortion and miscarriage, murder, killing in war, and genocide. There is a great deal of information on the soul intentions and contracts between souls that underlie these experiences, which is incredible material.
It’s powerfully healing, and will aid in releasing the pain and confusion we have all experienced through loss and death over many years and multiple lifetimes. As far as I’m concerned, the section on genocide is worth the entire volume – very important to get to the truth of why we create this, how to learn to shed our conceptions of evil, and how to heal from the complex history and energetic inheritance that is rooted in genocide. Actually, so is the section on soul fragmentation and calling back lost parts of us. And the section on understanding the deaths of children…
I’m offering this in e-book (PDF) form now and via Kindle soon.
Click here to order one or both of these volumes.

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