People Afraid They Might Not Be Who They Think They Are?

I just finished a long channeling work and so had been unavailable to spend energy on the zodiac hoopla all over the news over the last few days.

Well, I seem to have just generated something to say.

This situation, that astrologers understand clearly to be nonsensical for many reasons (you can find lots of commentaries on that part of it), reflects something really important in my mind:

The general populace woke one morning to find that they might not be who they thought they are.

In the context of the misinformation carelessly and sloppily labeled as news this week (which is actually par for the course), this related to an astronomer’s comments about how the zodiac astrologers use is incorrect.

Yet this can serve to wake people up to question who they have been told they are.

It’s a major thing going down on earth now. There are shifts happening here that are nudging people to allow their consciousness to change. When people allow it, it results in conceiving of self in new ways.

So you might not be who you were told you are.

Okay, got it. Now what?

Figure out who you are.

In my world, this means opening to understanding ourselves more as energetic beings, beings that are sensitive to energy (which we usually experience as emotion), and learning more about how those energies affect us physically for the duration we live in these bodies. (Also there’s a lot of stuff about how that relates to soul and its multi-life journey, karma, and knowing ourselves as portions of divinity – but I am trying to keep this brief, insert smiley face here.)

Mercury is now in Capricorn, conjuncting Pluto. This idea of questioning who you are is actually about from where you have so far taken answers to the question.

Who has had the power to define you? To shape how you conceive of yourself? Where have you given permission to others to tell you who you really are?

What if what you heard from them makes no sense to you? What if it ran counter to everything you know about yourself, or would, if you gave yourself the power to be the authority on who you really are?

We are in the habit of looking around at what the people who seem normal seem to be doing, and then doing that. We are in the habit of hoping that in certain key ways, we fit in. The conjunction of Mercury with Pluto in Capricorn is about challenging that by bringing us to see deeply into just where we’ve gotten our ideas about who we are and who we are supposed to be.

I work a lot with how people are affected by the energy shifts on the planet, in what is the process of evolving consciousness from the inside out. We are all to one degree or another invited to come out of such conditioned beliefs about who we are and to acknowledge, choose to step into, and inhabit the truth of who we are…

…whatever that means for you. In whatever arena of life in which you currently feel inauthentic. Maybe it’s about the work that you do that leaves you feeling empty, or the version of sexual expression that you’ve forever told yourself is right for you…but isn’t. It could be about the relationships you believe you should be willing to experience but that drain you and make you curse yourself and/or the heavens. Or it could be about your spirituality, life direction, creativity, value system, the place you live, or anything else.

But it was the idea of someone waking to find in the newspaper that she is not who she thought she was that sparked me – that’s a gem. With a tremulous dominant seventh chord filling my mind, I have to ask:
How will she ever reconcile this?
Can she ever find out who she really is?
How could she possibly find out?
Just who exactly could ever even tell her?

The other astro thing to note is that the asteroid Arjunsuri (20300) has been touched by the true Black Moon Lilith the last few days in Pisces. This asteroid is about our relationship to conscience (see my book Living Myth for a full treatment of this, it is something I’ve introduced to astrology) – or how we go through the process of figuring out who is it that gets to be the final authority in our lives – and the true Black Moon is about our relationship with instinct and our inner, uncontrollable wild (also see Living Myth, and also the BML natal report I offer). These have been meeting in Pisces, which is about surrender to something outside ourselves. This surrender angle with Pisces gets a bad rap because many people surrender to the first thing that comes along, but this is a great thing if we are willing to sense into the truth of things.

The nonsensical news hoopla from this week could be thought of as a wake-up call to check in with instinct to see if we’re guiding ourselves in the right direction. And if we have no idea that this could be a point of the whole thing, that’s fine. But it will serve the same purpose: To stir us to go inside and check in with the truth of something that might seem true, and start asking questions.

A lot of astrologers I know have been asked a lot of questions about the hoopla the last few days, so it looks like that’s exactly what has been happening.

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