Jupiter Into Aries: A Return to Instinct

We’re right to get excited about the planet of expansion’s entrance of the sign of instinct, action, and decisiveness.

If, that is, we’re willing to understand that all the wonderful change that could go with it falls upon our own shoulders.

One of Jupiter’s angles is opportunity. When we think opportunity is related to luck, we overlook that opportunity is what we make of it. Luck seems to be something that either comes to us or doesn’t. We hope we come into luck. We hope it finds us.

Yet opportunity surrounds us constantly. The real thing is to be willing to see it. To have faith that opportunity exists, and to be willing to risk in order to take it up on what it’s offering.

Transiting Jupiter asks us to see opportunities that exist around us and to think big. I’m inviting you to seek out within you the parts of you that might not be willing to think big, not willing to risk, and not willing to imagine something better than is in front of you right now. Let go of those attitudes and beliefs and you can get on the roller coaster that Jupiter in Mars’ sign can be.

Jupiter asks one question: Can you imagine something better than you have ever before imagined?
There are two categories of answer to this question. YES!!! is the first, and anything else is the second.

If you answer anything in the second category, Jupiter’s gone. He went to find someone who has faith in a better tomorrow, and faith in self enough to draw in imagination, visualization, and self-confidence enough to create something wonderful.

In the short term – say the next few weeks – observe the parts of you that don’t want to expand or risk improving something. Shift the perspective of that part/those parts of you and you will position yourself to be willing to take Jupiter up on his offer to help launch you into some rad new future.

The title of this post includes “instinct”. Mars and Aries are associated with this – unthought response, unmediated action. While Jupiter is in this sign (until early June), expansion happens as a result of trusting and going with instinct. This transit is a great chance to get to know many parts of you, and to bring them into the present tense so they can participate with you in creating the kind of life and future that you want.

Most of us have distanced ourselves from instinct if we’ve chosen to let our brains run our lives. And we’re not better off for it. We’re more busy, and thereby more stressed, and more productive, but not happier. What kind of life do you want? What kind of life will make you happy? This is the kind of question that is answered by letting Jupiter challenge us to see ourselves and our willingness to have faith and risk.

Your instinct is a key asset in any creation process – will you trust it? Will you take that risk?

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