Uranus into Aries

Much has been and will be said about the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan being a result or possible result of Uranus’ entrance into Aries. The fact that the main sort of astrology we do is geocentric means that we consider the effect of the Sun’s light reflected off the other members of the solar system as impacting our lives on this planet. There is no clear “why” for these events in Japan that will help us understand how to protect ourselves from such events, and in truth astrology as a geocentric language of energy cannot tell us everything we want to know about why earth events occur the way that they do. Also, the same should be said about the Mayan Calendar, in which a new phase recently began that will lead us to its end in October of this year. These are each tools to understand angles about how life is unfolding on this planet, but neither can provide the sort of “protection going forward” answers that we might seek after such destructive and suffering-inducing events unfold and trigger our fears.

My main focus is on individual evolution and soul growth, so the mundane side of astrology is not what you will hear a lot from me about. Today I’m interested in sharing with you my perspectives on the individual opportunities and challenges that this ingress is presenting and will continue to do so while it transits this sign.

Uranus is the planet of seeking to create freedom, and it represents one’s individual genius. This energy makes us clear about circumstances that make us feel hemmed in, or perhaps fenced in, tied down, bogged down, and otherwise stuck in some sort of mud or other limiting or confining circumstance. Uranus energy within us seeks to break out of all of these things and create enough elbow room to get in touch with and then develop (and ultimately offer) the unique contribution to life and the world that each of us has the potential to develop and offer.

Uranus in transit seeks to push our buttons about not being free so that we can be stirred to go ahead and break out of confining and limiting scenarios already. The Uranus effect brings sudden awareness about situations that have been brewing for a very long time, and an impatience to leave them behind so that freedom can be had. The stakes surrounding being free to be our unique selves get very high when we experience a Uranus transit.

Aries is the sign of beginnings, of acting from instinct without deliberation or hemming and hawing, and developing bravery and courage. The courage angle is one I am focusing on here today, as I believe strongly that with this ingress we are each going to experience an invitation to develop enough courage to leave the (confining and limiting) past behind and embark in new directions that allow us to create and maintain freedom.

Uranus is not related directly to emotions, but our emotional histories are a major area of life in and by which we can feel trapped. In my work on the end of the Mayan Calendar (aka 2012) and the evolutionary opportunities available to all humans, learning to live in the present tense by leaving behind the limited views of ourselves developed through unhappy emotional experiences from long ago (including past lives) is a major one.

Uranus’ ingress this last week would have raised the stakes for you to identify what it is in your life that makes you feel stuck or trapped. This boost of Aries energy follows Jupiter’s ingress to the same sign a few weeks prior. The boosting and supportive opportunities you might have sensed when Jupiter entered Aries are now being followed up by a challenge from Uranus to be brave enough to make something good for yourself happen, to act upon your need to be free of limitation. It is asking you to not simply believe that something could be better (Jupiter’s classic invitation) but to do something to free yourself from what makes you feel stuck and trapped, even if it is radical.

As I work with people to support them in raising their level of consciousness, I teach them that humans have always to some degree believed that we are powerless. We have been living through a lens of dualism for as long as humans have existed, a lens through which it appears that strength and power are achieved through zero-sum games (in which there is a clear winner and at least one clear loser). Learning to inhabit our power as Divine beings and experiencing the attendant power that is reflected in our free will is relatively new to us. We’ve seen a lot of talk about this in new agey materials that aim to teach about manifestation and abundance, but the truth is that we are very powerful when we make choices, and we are all constantly making choices even when we feel things are being forced upon us. We create the world around us through our choices, and the details of that creation explicitly manifest our beliefs (including karma) about what is really going on and who we really are. See the two channeled volumes I’ve published on love and loss for detailed explorations from the Ascended Master Djehuty on the power of humans as Divine beings making choices and creating our lives even when we feel we are not.

With Uranus’ entrance into Aries, you’re now being asked what you’re willing to do to break out from what makes you feel stuck and trapped. You’re being challenged to see how you created it and why, and then to choose to move on. As with all Uranian invitations, it can be hard to break free from established relationships and patterns that have taken years or decades to develop and solidify. But when you feel the call from this planet, it is time to break free and create something new. Its ingress to the sign of new beginnings and unapologetic self-interested action is asking you to develop the courage to make your life better.

Doing so is the only way you can have the sort of elbow room to identify and develop an amazing gift that you have to offer, that you were born to give.

One of the key points to realize here is that when we are carrying old baggage from the past and/or feel trapped in some scenario, we cannot possibly feel free to improvise, innovate, or even take a moment to tap into our higher self, which it could be argued is where our individual genius resides. When we are full of energies from the past and resentment about our present circumstances, we are not free to feel anything but what is currently clogging us up.

Take the opportunity now to see how you can create more freedom for yourself.

Contrary to popular thought about Uranus, not all existing scenarios need to be packed with explosives and detonated – there are numerous scenarios in which a person being honest with self and others about his or her needs of the moment can negotiate, or renegotiate terms. There is an important thing here to remember: When your willingness to negotiate is met with tyrannical overtones, you must decide how much freedom you deserve and what you are willing to do to create it.

Uranus in Aries has the revolutionary, inventor, and iconoclast moving into the sign of the warrior – what are you willing to do to bring forth your individual genius?

What are you willing to do to be free?

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, medium, channel, author, and coach offering insight into why your soul is here and guidance about how to make it happen. Contact him via his site for private readings and to learn about intuitive coaching and the soul healing e-courses he offers. Tom is the author of five books on metaphysics and astrology and two volumes of channeling the Ascended Master Djehuty, available via his site, Amazon, and Kindle. Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It is his groundbreaking new 11-hour MP3 course, also available through his site.