Full Moon of Libra Tonight

This is going down at 18 Libra-Aries. The Sun’s at 18 Libra, shining a light on relationship stuff – what’s fair, what is whose responsibility, what it takes to get on the same page. Included in this is that each person has at the same time the responsibility to hear the other as well as making sure the other can hear the self.

Saturn’s conjunct the Sun during this full moon, and so there is a certain gravitas added to what the light is revealing. Or, perhaps, it looks like a certain seriousness about the need to see what is going on in the relationship. There is a sextile from Mars in Leo to the Sun-Saturn conjunction, indicating that personal needs to express are driving at least of the motivation to get things out into the open/seen. This can be that what is under your skin about what you yourself are experiencing (a sextile from Mars) is contributing to you or the other person bringing something up for review. The sextile from Mars here is about the personal side of things affecting the needs of the pair or group.

The Full Moon at 18 Aries invites us to feel instinctively into what is best, what needs to happen.  The Sun-Saturn in Libra will bring in a lot of thoughts and words and ideas and verbiage and plans and more words and options and notions and and and … and the Moon here says, “Feel into it: What’s best?  Where are you?  What do you want?  What’s right right now, in THIS moment?”

Given Saturn in Libra opposing the Moon, there is some reality checking waiting for our instinctive sides, and the Sun here will offer the chance to see – really and truly see – what is going down. But will we let the Sun-Saturn voice of reason in the sign of the scales (weighing options, considering ideas and notions, deliberating about possibilities, etc.) overpower the voice of instinct? (It’s an intellectual place to be, that Libra. It’s a lot of mind and notions and ideas.) Or will we understand the tension inherent in the moment and see more into how we are wired? We each have assumptions we need to see, assumptions about self and other and what each is and should be required to do in a given situation.

One key to that is that the voice of instinct (Moon in Aries) comes via feeling. You can tell which part of you is answering a question tonight because if there are no words, it’s the Moon. If there are reasons, plots, scheming, plans, notions, etc., it’s Sun-Saturn in Libra.

Look into what’s up. Evaluate with reason what you are experiencing, and then feel into what you might need to do about it. With a full moon, more openness is called for. It shines light on an issue and there is naturally some tension about bringing things out into the open, especially with the voice of reason in the sign of trying to be nice, of learning how to be fair. We after all do not always know what is fair – it’s the human gig to experience life in order to learn it.

I’m about to go on a hike at my favorite hike-place in Tucson. I’ll be up on a mountain during the Full Moon, letting my mind take a rest. There have been plenty of Important Conversations today – talking and trying to get on the same page with my partner (lots of needed Libran talking this morning, including some Saturn-Sun light-shining action on certain issues). We did get on the same page, and so as far as I’m concerned, the work is done. Time to go out and enjoy being on foot, on the go – an Aries kind of night under a full moon in the desert.

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