Thoughts on Life, Death, and Life

So much of my work with clients involves helping them heal from difficult memories generated in past lives that they carry now. As energetic beings, we are all carrying emotions from all of our souls’ various lives.

We are, we could say, collections of memories from all of our soul’s various lives. I rarely use the phrase “past lives” because I have been shown through my association with Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and my work with the spirits of the dead as a medium that the soul knows no time. I have been invited to hold space for the living to learn to connect more consciously to their souls and as a result, I spend a fair amount of time reflecting on how our past lives and deaths affect the lives we are living now.

I think a lot about how best to educate the living about the nature of soul and how its lives and deaths affect it. My recent blog posts on Whitney Houston’s life (part 1 here and part 2 here) have me thinking in a bit of a deeper way about the life process we each experience. My Neptunian experience is heightened right now, and I think that is stirring me to sense more of what’s going on behind the scenes and feel the urge to try to articulate it. (The New Moon of Pisces was square my Neptune, and my solar arc Neptune has just conjuncted my Nadir. Also, my progressed Mercury is still in orb of conjuncting my natal Neptune. So, I’m having my own private Neptunian party over here.)

When a celebrity dies, I immediately go to his or her birth chart. I do this sometimes with transits and progressions, but always with a mind to understand more about the life that was lived. The truth I have been shown by Ascended Master Djehuty is that each human life ends when a chapter of soul learning is complete – just as a life begins when it’s time to begin a chapter. Therefore, I rarely look to a chart after a death to see astrological indicators of death. Many factors could and do seem to lead to death and astrologically, it’s safe to say that any transit or progression that seems to herald death is, in fact, a convenient excuse for the soul to find an exit from that life.

I feel that we are interested in finding astrological factors that tell of death so that we can feel better prepared to know when death is coming. We need astrology to provide a framework for the meaning that we naturally seek as humans. It might seem that it would be comforting to know that there is some sort of order to our lives even if just in discerning the timing of our deaths.

We seek meaning and we cannot help but do so. We crave that astrology provide a scientific framework for our metaphysical experience and in many ways it does, but looking for death indicators is – based in my education by an Ascended Master – not as helpful as understanding a person’s life and how or she lived it.

Each time I record a Soul’s Journey Soundbite for a client, and each time I answer a question in a reading or coaching session for a client about a deep-seated karmic issue – one that carries with it a great deal of emotional charge whether fear, anger, sadness/grief, shame, resentment, regret or anything else – I am acutely aware that this person has the opportunity to work through things in this life that have not been worked through in many lives. I am also aware that the person might not do so before he or she dies.

And that point is critical to my thought process. I need to open the door for you to gain a particular sort of vantage point on your life, but I also accept that not all of us when we receive such information feel able to do anything useful with it in the moment. I do try to inspire people to believe that they can be happier and healthier, but I can only make suggestions and share my energy and enthusiasm with them for the relatively brief times they’re sitting with me.

So, we each are born when the time is right for our individual soul journeys and we each die for the same exact reason. I find it incredibly meaningful to share what I learn in the unseen realms, and I am really just thrilled that so many people are into hearing what I’m into sharing.

When we find it easy to put off thinking about death, we fail to incorporate something crucial about life: Each life we live is an opportunity to learn new things and test our willingness to adapt to changing scenarios and circumstances, which is the root of our Divine nature as energetic beings – parts of Creator consciousness embodied temporarily as humans. Each person alive is learning what it means to live and all of a person’s choices serve the learning journey of that person’s soul.

When you have a session with me and I talk about the journey and intentions of your soul, what I’m really doing is offering you an opportunity to expand your consciousness by seeing the purpose of your – I guess triumphs and tribulations. If you accept my invitation, you open to connecting to the truth about what your soul is and what it is doing here as it lives a life as you. We all need to get in touch with this essential, Divine part of us so that we can understand more about life in general and the particular one that we happen to be creating now.

When we do, death takes on a whole new meaning. It allows us to see the Divine play at work, shifting our experience from one of grief and loss to more understanding and acceptance of the Divine plan that we are creating as we go.

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