Neptunian Reality

I went through a phase during which surreality was the new reality. What our conscious minds prefer reality to look like is predictable, normal, regular, and controllable. But each of us has a Neptune and with the recent New Moon in Pisces and Neptune’s ingress to the sign, thought of as its ruler, we’re all experiencing a bit of surreality. It’s going to be graded, stepped, and variable for each person depending upon many factors, but I guarantee you that you’re being asked to relax into just a bit more surreality now.

My new thing is not being able to find things when looking for them. My self-appointed job when this happens on a daily basis is to refrain from becoming frustrated or angry, and I’m doing okay with it … after the first minute or two. I’m giving my clients the jobs of getting more grounded, not taking anything personally, and learning to observe each situation from a bird’s-eye view-type place.

This morning a Virgo Sun-Mercury man began coaching with me. Neptune is now squaring his natal Neptune in the 1st house and beginning to oppose his Sun-Mercury conjunct in Virgo. He said he recently stood in front of a lake and didn’t have words to describe it – he just experienced it. That’s a fabulous response to the request to let more Neptune into one’s life, by the way. I was happy to hear this because most of us try to retain control over things in our worlds and lives. For him, his identity as a communicator (Sun-Mercury in Virgo) is being challenged as he is invited to reincorporate something essential about his 1st-house Neptunian experience (Neptune square Neptune).

Another coaching client yesterday told me of a business deal that came her way. With Neptune transiting her Saturn in Pisces, she found a not-clean subtext to the deal offered her and decided that she’d rather drop the deal than do it in an unclean way. Feeling acutely the presence of the subtext and clear that she wanted no part of it, she let the other party know under what terms and to what end she could participate in a deal. She decided to have faith in her radar for uncool things – and run with it – even if it meant losing the deal entirely. That’s a great response to this energy because it can happen that weird moral quandaries come your way with Neptune on your Saturn but the trick is to stay in touch with both your intuitive radar and your moral compass.

Neptunian reality is one in which we learn to trust the flow unfolding around us and surrender the need to have control. It asks us to locate ourselves within the greater fabric of reality surrounding us and to relax into feeling part of it. To do this, of course, we have to either develop faith that there is something alright happening and it behooves us to surrender some control, or we have to throw our arms up in the air and plead powerlessness, hopelessness, and confusion.

Many times I work with clients’ Neptunian/Piscean/12th-house issues the result of which they have chosen one of these two responses. Many go back and forth, as I have. It’s normal human stuff to encounter something outside of our control and make a decision that we are powerless (or clueless to do it right or better). It can seem that things are not happening according to how we need reality to be, and our sense of hope and faith can sometimes feel as though it is drowning in this weird and far-from-appropriate nonreality. We can cease being able to function well, in fact!

But it takes getting footing in a new sort of reality. Neptunian reality is one in which your mind plays a supporting role and other parts of you experience being you. Neptunian reality challenges you to wait a bit and hold on while strange-seeming things threaten to or do unfold before you make a decision about them, and when it comes time to make that decision, it tells you you’re supposed to go with the flow and not make decisions, but to let things be what they are.

If we can let go of control, this can be kind of fun. Though again, we have to have faith that all is not lost.

The transiting Sun in Pisces and Mars in Virgo will stir this dialogue up soon. Three days from now we’ll all be challenged to let go of some more control in how we do things – and why we do them – in favor of putting our energies out to life and the universe in the right spirit/motivation and letting life and the universe do what they will with them. The transiting Sun in Pisces is now a giant flashlight shining its beam on how you relate and respond to the invitation to let go of some control. Transiting Mars retrograding in Virgo has been asking you to rethink why you do things and how you approach them. The opposition between the two will reveal the tension that’s been building of which you probably have not even been aware.

With Neptune in Pisces now, we’ll all be feeling a little un- or nonreal in some ways after the inner planets finish their time in Pisces. The route to connect to other realities (what Neptune signifies) is through surrendering control. We will want to disconnect from ordinary reality and escape the drudgery-laden and stultifying nature of normal daily reality. But how we do it is everything.

Do you want to escape? Lose awareness of how time is passing in your life? What about throwing your arms up in the air?

Or do you want to learn to get your footing in a new sort of reality?

I specialize in helping people adapt to living in multiple dimensions in one body, so give me a call if you’re into the latter.

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