Free Skype call Sunday, 6/17: Soul and Astrology

Join me for a free Skype call from 10-11 am Pacific on 17Jun12 all about soul and how I use astrology to understand, teach, and counsel clients about theirs.

My practice is based on connecting people to their souls and what they have been born to do. This is another way of saying that my work is all about revealing to people their intentions and desires as Divine beings.

This call will cover the nature of soul and its multilife journey as well as how a given life is a chapter in that journey. Individual karma and the role of past lives will be explained and then I will cover the 4-step process I use to reveal the journey of soul and past-life stories in birth charts.

The Soul’s Journey Soundbite 15-minute readings and my book The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel are based on these teachings.

E-mail me (tom at tdjacobs dot com) to register for this free call up to one hour before it begins – up to 9 am Pacific on Sunday, June 17th.
**Important: Include your Skype name when you write.
Also send your questions about soul as I will be choosing from your questions during the call if there is time.

Call in to get discounts on Soul’s Journey Soundbite readings and The Soul’s Journey I!

Looking forward to sharing this important info.
Tom Jacobs