How do you experience the book Living Myth?

I’m always interested in how people understand the myths they live. Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys has been out for a couple of years and I’m reaching out for your comments on your experience of the book.

Are you a Ceres figure? Do you protect and nurture others (sometimes to your own detriment)?

What about Vesta – feeling so dedicated to a cause that you can’t do it halfway but if you don’t do it, something feels out of place?

Maybe you’re a Persephone, navigating a world full of Plutonian others who are trying to get you to experience something new, something outside your comfort zone – something that would alter you forever.

Or maybe your search for truth and to develop an open channel with your inner wisdom makes you an Arjunsuri figure, asking wise others your most important questions and in need of figuring out what’s worth listening to.

I want to know! Comments don’t work in this blog so send me an e-mail at tom @ tdjacobs dot com. I’ll compile answers and repost down the road with commentary.

The truth is that you’re all these archetypes and more. You can read “Persephone’s Ransom” from Living Myth free, and you can order the book here.

Send me your stories!

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